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October 26, 2008

WHAT I WORE//10-25-08

A Y-3 sweatshirt dress (that is really supposed to be 'pants'), Margiela boots, unknown necklace


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Photo of Allie

WOW. That's all I can say.

Photo of moded'amour

im so jealous at your shoes!! stunning dress

take a look at my blog: www.mode-damour.blogspot.com

Photo of Marcel

I love you. Now you know it :D

Photo of Mizztissa

Very smart minimalist look.

"supposed to be 'pants'"


Photo of ediot

GREAT dress. love your blog

Photo of eroticorange

this is absolutely genius. i'm going to use this picture on the featured post! =)

Photo of Fashion Chalet

Love the Margiela boots, you are gorgeous! :)

fashion chalet

Photo of Alice

Hi !
I'm a french girl and i discovered your blog in Glamour ^^
this style is very perfect, and I love it ! It were amazing if I could have those clothes ....

Congratulations for your site, have a nice day or night ^^

Bye ! Alice

Photo of i love new york

just don't go where teh tourists go... find the new yorkers (always on their cell with buisiness suits) and go to whichever cafe thyre going to which is around you. its wat i do and it ususally works fine
btw really good and inovative blog

Photo of Alize

I have just read an article on glamour france. your shoes collection is so amazing! i love it!! have you got a handBag collection too??

Photo of Ali

OH MY GOD!!!! Margiela's boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt in love!!!

Photo of Marina

ooh I love your dress!!where have you bought it please?

Photo of jennine

oh dear.. it seems i unwittingly copied you...

i was working with one shoulder skirts and blouses, and the pants seemed to be a natural thing to try. sorry about that.

Photo of Alice

Hi, I'm from Paris.
That is beautiful!

Photo of TamZ

OMG! I love this outfit! I did that once too- with black gaucho pants. But they use different fabric so it was more 'form-fitting' so it just seemed more like a strapless dress with a sleeve that I could tie up and everything. Well this outfit is gorgeous!

Photo of mandy

aahh my god tis my fav outfit on u so far :) just found ur blog today so am looking tro ur old posts :) u dress amazingg

Photo of erika

darling, where were u when i was in high school?

Photo of Punkie

my God!!! this is amazing! perfect... no words to describe this in the right way...

Photo of Fashion Bug Coupons Chick

You look great in that dress. I love it.

Photo of Anabolic Steroids Sales

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