October 16, 2008

WHAT I WORE TODAY//to go get sushi

Vintage fur jacket, linen scarf, Jane Mayle pants, Miu Miu patent peeptoe platforms

These shoes are some of my favorites ever. I know I say that about basically every pair of shoes I have but I mean it. That shiny beige is so beautiful!


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Photo of The Stylish Wanderer

It all looks amazing! Except I really dont like seeing real fur, I think that people think its the most high-class thing out there to wear it. But thats just me.

I really want all the shoes behind you though.

Photo of Mike

do not like those shoes at all...
very unflattering in that color with the maryjanes trap
just ew

wuld have looked better with the balenciaga booties

Photo of Brigadeiro

Top-to-toe: GORGEOUS! Love those Jane Mayle pants! Hey, I spot the DVN we both have on the shelves, wish mine were displayed like that (instead my shoes are all in their boxes hidden in the linen closet)

Photo of dane

Love the pants they look so comfortable!

Photo of Eden

Oh man, your hair looks amazing.

Photo of Christy

I love this look! I love the pants in particular.

Photo of Angel

wow you look so comfy and warm!! i really love that fur jacket, it looks so soft

Photo of alix

are these the ungaro branch shoes you were lusting over behind you on the shelves??

Photo of ihaveadog

It's time to model the Ungaro and Bal !! I am dying to see your fall buys!!

Photo of alygirl

Have you scene Barbara Bui's shoe collection this season? They are beautiful, I could have bought 10 pairs when I was in her Paris shop a couple weeks ago.

Photo of Becky

I usually love the looks you put together. This specific one is a bit flushed out and kind of makes you blend into the walls :-(

Photo of hanna

The outfit looks great. I especially like the colour combination. But I have to say that I will never understand how people can wear real fur when there is really good fake fur stuff to buy out there :/

Photo of Anon

To everyone commenting on the fur thing - it is vintage. Its not like she purchased it new, its been around for ages, she is not adding to animal fur demand.

I like the look. It is very monotonic, but it works. I love the contrast of linen and fur and your hair, amazing.


Photo of sam

what we've seen of your home is so beautiful. you should give us a tour of your favorite rooms or furniture pieces!

Photo of Jeanne

Your style is amazing. I'm sure a frencher style ( I am it ( french )) would be great for you.
Why don't you wear more often the wonderful chanel argenté booties with a hole in front ?
There awesome.

Bonne chance pour la suite.

Photo of miss d

LOVE it! love the shoes especially...

Photo of tanya

im personally not a fan of those shoes but you rock em like no one's business
i love the proportions you've got going on in this outfit.

Photo of Becca

I love those pants!

Photo of cheng

cute! cute shoes. i'd probably wear a different pair for contrast. but i had all those shoes, i'd have a real headache deciding which to wear, lol.

Photo of mybeaumonde

love it... i think we have a fashion icon on our hands!

Photo of Ida and Hannah

we love the new look! and as always, you look absolutely great! your hair looks stunning against all that beige! the jacket and the trousers with the shoes is just perfect! we love your style!

Photo of manuelllla

I really like your style! It never ever looks like u tried to hard :)! And those shoes.... wonderful!

Photo of kajsa

You look... hugable! :D

Photo of Jess

beige rules and vintage fur as well!

Photo of Francesca

I love the beige shoes, I'm looking for a pair much the same as those, mary jane platform kind of things, you know? Actually I love the whole outfit, it's very MK Olsen :)

I'm adding you to my list of favorite blogs! Your style is so cute. Would you like to exchange links?

Photo of Alex

I adore your fur!! Cute outfit!

Photo of nina

WOW! you are so adorable!
Your fur is gorgeous!

Photo of Steroids

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