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October 14, 2008

SO STOKED FOR TOMORROW//Rodarte at Fashion at the Park

Tomorrow there will be a fashion show for Rodarte Spring 09 at Barneys in Dallas. I've been anticipating this for such a long time-I saw a Rodarte dress in person for the first time ever a few weeks ago and it was LITERALLY breath-taking-I saw the faux-blood soaked dress from last season!


I'm kind of having a fashion crisis though, regarding what to wear. I'm thinking I want to wear vintage, specifically the white lace dress with irridescent sequins I got in Tulsa. It sort of has that fragile beauty that is the essence of Rodarte...shoes and accessories are where the decisions get problematic.

I'll be sure to take pictures! I don't think I'll make it to the trunk show on Thursday, which I'm bummed out about because Laura and Kate Mulleavy are going to be there!!


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Photo of WendyB

Those shoes are fabulous.

Photo of Karl


Photo of chauss

have a fabulous time! i cant wait until you report back.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Ooh, am very very jealous! I'm trying to picture the dress you plan to wear, and wonder if they'd go with the Dries Van Noten I am currently obsessed in finding? Or is that too much sequins? Otherwise I think they'd look great juxtaposed against the mustards DVN (I may be thinking of the completely wrong dress though, so please forgive me if I'm way off...) Have a blast, can't wait for your report! :)

Photo of Brigadeiro

PS. I just realised the dress might be this one: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t59/seaofshoes/FIX1.jpg (not what I was originally picturing), if so my suggestions are indeed well off! Instead what about the Prada beige/tan peep-toe boots?

Photo of Moodboard

Probably not the best advice but I would skip school to meet the girls of Rodarte(if that is the reason why you are not going). Tell your teachers you are going to see art(which wouldn't be a lie);)

Photo of Helen

Wow, lucky you! The faux-soaked dress was gorgeous, seeing it in person would be awesome... Not even to talk about seeing a rodarte show or having a chance to meet the Mulleavy sisters. I agree with the person who said you should skip school to meet them... If it's possible.

The new Rodarte shoes make me drool... Isn't it awesome how the thin straps are actually electrical wires?

And I personally would wear some really "tough" shoes with the white dress, for a great contrast (which I feel Rodarte is all about, light and floaty vs dark and rough). Perhaps the Ann D. boots would be too much, but the black Balenciaga booties might be perfect. Or (not sure since you haven't showed them off) perhaps even the Ungaro "wood heel" shoes?

Photo of Brigadeiro

I agree with Helen, the Ungaro "wood heel" shoes would be a great contrast to the dress! :)

Photo of kajsa

Those shoes are some piece of art! Love that its both a shoe and jewelry in one. The chains, the straps, the platform! and colours. Loveable.
And I just gotta say it again. Found you the other day cause a friend had a link to you. And gosh girl, this gotta be the forst time ive ever been saying wow when i found a new blog. I like every bit of it. Personality fashion cute details (its so cute how you and your mom are so close since me and my mom are the same) and so on.
You are great! That kind of girl that i would love to sit down with in tje sun at starbucks and talk about fashion with!
Have a great one. Now I have to pack for a trip to Stockholm and a big fashionparty among bloggers. :)

Photo of tanya

im sure whatever you wear will blow everyone away and look absolutely fabulous!

ps. wont you already be playing truant tomoro to attend the fashion show since it's a school day? one more day cant hurt ;)

Photo of Ammu

The typeface doesn't show up too well on my browser, otherwise it looks great - love the Moschino jacket on you!

Photo of Jessie

I would love to see the vintage dress with the new Ungaro heels??!!!

Photo of Bonnie Barton Barton

Hello dear, you have a lovely blog! My home is in Dallas (although I do not live there anymore) and I am coming home this weekend for fashion at the park. I'm ready to go crazy at Barney's. :)

Photo of leia

I'm going to the Barney's show tonight too!
I thought I heard the Mulleavy sisters were going to be at the reception after the show? And so is Julie Gilhart, my hero!

Photo of moded'amour

gorgeous shoes!! love your blog.


Photo of Amy Williams

Wow - that is going to be insane! You are so lucky, I would love to see that fashion show! I've only seen a few rodarte pieces, and yes they are truly incredible!!
And about thursday - you HAVE to go!!!!

Photo of stefanie

Wow lucky you! I personally would wear your black Balenciaga booties ^-^
Too bad you can't go on thursday :(!

Photo of Mer

Ooooooh, those shoes are nummy.

Photo of mybeaumonde

so jealous! we don't get to see much of that kind of thing in australia except for our local designers of course! like the new look of the blog! if you do decide to add links i would love to be added www.mybeaumonde.blogspot.com x

Photo of saray

wow the shoes are stuning!

Photo of denise

oh oh those shoes are beautiful C: your blog is wonderful, your posts are always so exciting. keep it up!
http://sugargliding.blogspot.com x

Photo of Pamela

I've been experimenting with replicating the rodarte stitching and I'd love to hear with you think:


Photo of Becca

have an amazingly fabulous time! So jealous!

Photo of Chloe

those shoes are gorgeous hun :]

Photo of Katie

I saw the shoes on another blog last week, they are so beautiful! I love the chains, and the colours make them look edible!

Photo of Steroid

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