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October 27, 2008

RENE' CAOVILLA//fairy princess shoes

 These are my mom's Rene' Caovilla tulle and chiffon slingback heels. We've taken to calling these the 'fairy princess shoe'. I was so jealous when she found them at the end-of-summer sales-they are truly jaw-dropping in person. I'm on the lookout for a pair of Rene' Caovillas for myself now. I was really struck by them upon first because they are so unlike any shoe on the runway in recent years and certainly unlike any shoe in my closet.

For the past couple of years, sculpture and structured shoes have ruled the runways. Even though Rene' Caovilla isn't the most contemporary/edgy shoe designer, I'm ready to embrace the type of femenine, whimsical shoes he creates. In their own way, these shoes are kind of rock and roll: they are so over the top and out of this world-not to mention sort of impractical. To me they seem almost tongue-in-cheek. They bring to mind the wardrobe of glam rockstar Marc Bolan and Sofia Coppola's Marie Aintoinette. the phrase that comes to mind is "baroque rockstar". Paired with the right things, I think these shoes could really be what's next.

I mean I love my chunky acrylic wedge Marni's, the Burberry platforms for Spring 09, the Jil Sander shoes from Fall 07 and Fall 08, but I'm ready for something new!

These shoes are far too large for me but I borrowed them just for this picture-this picture is kind of ridiculous, I didn't realize the timer was going off. Nice jazz hands, right?

Rene' Caovilla slingback heels worn with skinny satin Joie pants, a J. Crew painter tee, a really cool tux-type bib piece from Urban Outffers, and a silk Nina Ricci jacket.


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Photo of Sunset

ldsmfldsmgms Those shoes are AMAZING!! It's like sparkly girl magic in physical form.

Photo of Nina

those are cinderella worthy shoes. so pretty...

Photo of carlotta and annie

the embellishment is just stunning. and you wear them so well aswell.
looking up Rene Caovilla right now!

Photo of Amelia

I love the picture. Those are pretty cool.

Photo of hrose

those shoes are beautiful! absolutely stunning.
very marie-antoinette extravagance.

Photo of cheng

lol, one mis-timed shot and you still look smashing. i love the jacket; the UO bib and pants all go so well together. love the plaits. as for the shoes, i like the colour.

Photo of Dana

Such a nice outfit :) I am really into nude/beige shoes and black &white clothes, and this is perfection :)

Photo of Monica Burnett

those shoes and that bib are fabulous!

Photo of nyun

you still look beatiful even without the hair down..nice.. :)

Photo of Amy Williams

The shoes are really great, but the outfit you've worn with them is even better!! `
Seriously, I LOVE this look, those pants look amazing, and that piece from UO looks great!

Photo of Brigadeiro

What a shame the shoes are too big for you, I love rummaging through my mom's closet for 'vintage' clothing (in my last post I wore a vintage dress & belt I claimed as mine from her closet, haha).
-> http://brigadeirochoc.blogspot.com

These Rene Caovilla's are indeed 'fairy' shoes! And I absolutely love that Urban Outfitters Bib piece you're wearing! Gorgeous!

Photo of tindi-rindi

They look like very cute wedding shoes, you know, when you peak them from under looong skirt and they just sparkle and make you feel like princess. I always loved your collection of shoes, but I think it is always good thing to have some items in your closet that doesnt really "fit" with an era. Like the bolero jacket you have, these shoes.... :)

Photo of Katlin

Oh yes, pleaseeee wear more of these shoes! I'm all for a chunky bad ass shoe, but I think this daintier style is so refreshing!

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

adorable cinderella shoes.
also excellent outfit!

Photo of Malla

Wow, you have so many shoes! I wish I could be able to walk with high heels, but I look like a poodle when I'am wearing it, or try to walk with it. Sorry about my english, I'm from Finland :) I found your blog about week ago and now I'm reading your every post!

Photo of Chi-Chi

i love your blog, can't wait for your mother's line to come out!

Photo of yaymaryann

i love these, so delicate and feminine! the first thing that came to mind for me was sofia coppola's marie antoinette too :D

Photo of googoo

Love your outfit! You are always so stylish and daring! As for the shoes - they look like shoes I've seen in China. You can easily find street vendors selling them all over China.

Photo of nathalie

so cute, love the urban thing.

Photo of Lindsay

Coincidentally, Gilt Groupe, an online sample sale site, is selling Rene Caovilla shoes today. Feel free to email me if you'd like an invite.

Photo of cher

Jane, Rene Caovilla is one of the sample sales on Gilt Groupe today. Let me know if you need an invite.

p.s. I, for one, love the jazz hands.

Photo of juliet

That is a new name for me. I need to check it online. The photo of you is wery show/jazz -dance.

juliet xxx

Photo of melissa walker

ooh, the shoes are great. perfect for a summer wedding, maybe...

Photo of Marie

When I first saw them, I thought, "Ew, those are the shoes all the fashionably inept girls here in Spain wear." And THEN I saw them on you. They look amazing, you definitely rock them with sophistication. They really are something.

Photo of Danielle

Hey there Jane I'm a new reader and I must say you got a great style,
I would say those shoes are a bit old, but I really like your style overall so I bet you can make them work! (:

Photo of lorraine

ah i love this, you look adorable! and super chic. i've been a regular for a while but i haven't commented until now, so I guess I'll add that I love mostly everything you wear. :)

Photo of Amee

OMG I just saw these Rene' Caovilla shoes at my Neiman's Last Call in one of their glass cases! They are gorgeous in person! Too bad they weren't my size :P I'm loving the outfit!

Photo of Miss Cavendish

I saw this line on Gilt Group today too. There was one style that was vaguely similar--in white with pearl embellishment (very wedding-y). The other styles were not have-to-haves, so no loss . . .

Photo of diamondsinchampagne

I am sooo upset that UO doesn't ship to Australia. I hate always having to use a forwarding service.
That bib is soooo cute, something I am lemming desperatley now after seeing it on you!

Those shoes are "fairy shoes" gorgeous detailing

Photo of L

i like what you are wearing but i don't like those shoes. they look like a craft project.

Photo of Nubby

Wow, what a blast from the past! I remember first seeing Rene' Caovilla in Vogue over 10 years ago...

Photo of stylenowhere

Very very pretty. I love the color too, perfect for fair skin.

Photo of Anh

Those are adorable, too bad it doesn't fit =/
Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Photo of Becca

this is picture is lovely! So sad those shoes don't fit - they are STUNNING.

Photo of lora

i was going to message you to tell you that gilt is having a private sample sale with rene caovilla, but it appears people have beat me to it. if you still need an invite, let me know-- but beautiful shoes!

Photo of orangegit

I fell in love with these shoes! I seriously cannot close the window. I'm just.. in love...

I don't know if this is your style but when I started looking up the Rene' Caovilla shoes online, i thought this shoe would look good on you as well..


Photo of  h dawg

awesome outfit :)

the world needs more candids (like this, but in general, also).

Photo of jessy

i love this look! those shoes are just so pretty :)

Photo of Shirin

what a lovely pair of shoes!!

Photo of té americano

They have no age. Yo look really sweet with them!

Photo of Margarita

I think this is my fave pic of you so far. It looks so behind the scenes and the outfit is fab.

Photo of Mai.

reminds me of all the shoes and clothes I inherited from the elder generation, namely all the amazing smithsonian and franco laurenti scarves in sheer silks... its almost from a different era... THAT is definitely my style :)

and the picture is beautiful...

Photo of ediot

hello wow. you look amazing in that outfit

Photo of atelier

those shoes look amazing! It reminds me Cinderella all the time

Photo of satoshi

is it possible to get that UO bib anywhere online? I looked at their site and couldn't find it. Help anyone?

Photo of Jennifer B

Beautiful and unique. I wish I owned something similar. Your description of "baroque rockstar" is perfect.

Photo of A

Not a fan of the shoes.. They remind me of the early 2000 style which is pretty gross and out-dated.

Photo of Lucy Stanton

I totally agree... look at the gems appearing on shoes from Christian Louboutin & in the past Manolo Blahnik - i love this new direction!!

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