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October 10, 2008

So I'm off!


This weekend I am going to be in Mexico with my dad-I'll be back on Tuesday though! I like packing for short trips, it's hard through, because I keep on trying on outfits and can't choose which ones to bring. I decided this one is definitely a keeper though.

The vintage Ungaro dress I am wearing in the above picture just came in the mail yesterday-I know lots of people have been asking for shopping tips on eBay, I plan to do a post on that when I get back! My mom is an expert at it. I'm wearing the Ungaro dress with Balenciaga booties and a Junya Watanabe jacket (that I am totally crazy about-I'm wearing it on the plane)

I've had so much to post about...I wanted to show some pictures from a photoshoot my sister had last Sunday. They turned out so cute! I'll post the pictures the photographer took really soon. I have to get to the airport in 30 minutes so I better finish packing! Here are snaps I took on the photoshoot:


October 08, 2008

The shoes at Balenciaga Spring 09-What's going to happen?

(I don't have the time, energy, or words to describe how I felt about the clothes at Balenciaga this season...this stuff is GOING PLACES, is all I have to say)

I'm always interested to see the shoes Pierre Hardy designs at Balenciaga because you can always count on having the Balenciaga 'it-shoe' each season: the one you'll see in seemingly every editorial, on every editor, and on the feet of Nicholas Ghesquiere's muses and friends.

Usually it's a shoe that not everyone can warm up to immediately: see Lego shoe of Fall 07, Gladiator sandals of Spring 08, the statuesque hidden platform leather and suede boots and booties of Fall 06, the stone-embellished space age sandals of Spring 06, the cork/machinery part platforms of Spring 07...you get the picture.

It-shoes of yore: leather and suede harnessed ankle boots from Fall 2006, the Lego shoe from Fall 2006 

All of these shoes were made for people who love shoes. Pierre Hardy has shoe lovers world wide wrapped around his pinky finger. He understands shoe whore psychology and he knows how to exploit our our obsession-not that we don't love it.

I think even the most die-hard shoe fanatic might have a hard time warming up to the shoes at Balenciaga this season though. The sight of toes in lurex makes me cringe a little but I like that the platforms look like they were made from stray parts of the USS Enterprise. They sort of look like they might double as miniature vaccuum cleaners as well. I'm down with that because I'm all about "fashion meets function" or at least fashion that looks like it meets function.

Upon seeing the detail shots from the Spring 09 show, I have to wonder exactly how these shoes are going to translate to retail: I highly doubt that these space-age platforms will be on the floor at Barney's with droopy tubes of lurex attached to them. Honestly if you ditched the sock-tube-thing and slapped on any given combination of sandal straps, I think you'd have a very covetable shoe on your hands.


October 07, 2008

Wearing a new thrift find-Dynasty Glam

While I was at school today my mom went thrifting and picked up this amazing little jacket for me-it has pleats and bows and a super nipped in waist. I wore it to Driver's Ed (A.K.A. where I've been spending every night after school the past two weeks...it makes keeping up with Sea of Shoes a little more difficult)

Worn with a thrifted bag, Nudie jeans, Prada spat heels, and a J. Crew headband

I'm totally into it, I've been craving a little more 80's in my wardrobe. It strikes me as exactly the kind of jacket Fallon or Alexis would wear on Dynasty, with a smart pencil skirt or jodphurs and riding boots. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Dynasty? I don't have a TV so I have to order the DVD sets to watch on a computer. I like watching Dynasty on the computer because it's easy to pause a scene and analyze the crazy get-ups designed by Nolan Miller.

(if you are really bored: here is a video about the costume design on Dynasty with commentary by Nolan Miller, sort of interesting)

I wish my life was more Dynasty-all of the girls on Dynasty wore sequins and feathers mostly every day, even when they were just chilling at the country club or hiring assasins or faking pregnancies. Most of the dresses didn't even look that good but something about their gaudy flamboyance made them absolutely compelling. I'm thinking its time the 'bad' stuff from the eighties had it's moment again.

I've been planning in the near to have an 80's week where I wear my favorite 80's thrifted/eBayed things every day. My closet is stuffed with glamourous 80's relics, they need to be getting some play!

October 05, 2008

A dream come true....

*Jen of Gnarlitude.com shares my lust for these HOT HOT shoes and sent me a message of love for them as soon as the Ann D pictures went up-I love her blog.

So demode


Have you met my father?


*Yes, those are the Prada spat heels from Spring 2008, a collection I hated. I had mulled over my feelings about these shoes for a while with my mom because we both thought that they could perhaps they were a lot cooler than we initally gave them credit for: this pair went on $$$ale big time at Barneys (and was a size both me and my mom could reasonly fit into) and my mom and I couldn't resist getting them to play around with. This is the first time they have made their debut-they're sweet, aren't they?

Harem trousers are little too hyped up/trendy for me to wear but I can see a pair of voluminous pants that narrow at the ankle looking really good with the Prada spat shoe.

The incredibly stylish Giovanna Battaglia

(As if I wasn't crushing hard enough on this Dolce and Gabanna fur print skirt!)
 Giovanna Battaglia, fashion editor of L'Uomo Vogue, wears her mid-calf Dolce and Gabbana dress beautifully (and unexpectedly) with suede & patent boots.
This dress is so right now-what a refreshing hemline.

October 01, 2008

October 1st-playing dress up


It was really chilly this morning-I threw on my favorite mohair sweater by Lillith. I've been waiting to wear it all summer!! I also wear a Prada skirt (with a vintage crinoline underneith to poof it up) and Prada sandals from Spring 07-they went on sale that season and when the sales for Fall 07 started they were still on the sales rack! I had to give them a home-they are lovely.

My mom was trying on an outfit she plans to wear when the weather is better for it-I'm so jealous of her Balenciaga jacket-the details on it are amazing. I caught her talking on the phone when I snapped these pictures!


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