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October 21, 2008

PICTURES FROM LAST SUNDAY//went dress shopping with my sister

 On Sunday I went with my family to the Galleria to get a dress for my little sister-I wore a dress that I think is from Urban Outfitters, with a vintage beaded/sequined cardigan, rabbit fur felt hat, antique necklace and my Ann Demeulemeester boots.

My mom wears a J. Crew shirt, a mens polka dotted tie, a skirt from Anthropologie, and Miu Miu patent boots. As for my "dad" (he's not really my dad, obviousely, because my father is Karl Lagerfeld) I'm not sure what he wore.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of Carol-she got the cutest Betsey Johnson dress and hopefully I can snap some pictures of her in it when she wears it!

The vintage shopping guide will be ready soon! :) Thanks for being patient!

October 18, 2008


An antique necklace I got in Tulsa:


An outfit from a couple of weeks ago:
I'm wearing a Y-3 skirt, a beaded vest from Urban Outffiters, various necklaces and a Tom Binns cufff, Ann Demeulemeester jacket and boots


Something I wore to go get breakfast in Mexico at 7:30, hence the poor lighting, lack of makeup and uncombed hair: NOTE THE SHOES, they are vintage Joan & David, they were my moms in the 80's


My mom wearing the beautiful dress by Czarina Villa in Tulsa a week or three back:

October 16, 2008

WHAT I WORE TODAY//to go get sushi

Vintage fur jacket, linen scarf, Jane Mayle pants, Miu Miu patent peeptoe platforms

These shoes are some of my favorites ever. I know I say that about basically every pair of shoes I have but I mean it. That shiny beige is so beautiful!

RE: RODARTE//fashion at the park

The show last night was AMAZING!!

They played the soundtrack from the show in NY (totally sick) and I did see Laura and Kate Mulleavy. I walked past Laura Mulleavy on her way into the afterparty at Barneys. I managed to take a creepy picture of them too!!

Pictures from the show:


Photos from the afterparty, some of my favorite Barneys people lookin fabulous (my pictures are awful though, I apologize)


^ stunning!!!

^I met the girl on the far right like, two or three months ago when I was out shopping and I asked her about her amazing silver/lavender hair and lo and behold, she was there last night, wearing the Margiela sandalboots...shoe twins!

^Julie Gilhart in Rodarte + sparkly Loub pumps...I sat behind her at the show, she had this amazing leather cuff on too.

My mom wore a beautiful dress made by Manila designer Czarina Villa-she was so kind as to send me some of her designs and they are absolutley incredible. Expect a more in-depth post on those pieces soon! Worn with wax finish Levi's jeans and Balenciaga booties.

I wish I had dressed up more for last night and gone really over the top. I just wore the lace dress I bought in Tulsa with a vintage belt and Prada lace-up booties.

Sigh...all of the commenters who said I should have skipped school to go to the trunk show. Right at this moment I'd give anything to molest the Rodarte clothes up close and personal. Instead I'm stuck at home working on an epic English paper.

Seeing Rodarte was incredible-wouldn't have missed it for the world!

October 14, 2008

SO STOKED FOR TOMORROW//Rodarte at Fashion at the Park

Tomorrow there will be a fashion show for Rodarte Spring 09 at Barneys in Dallas. I've been anticipating this for such a long time-I saw a Rodarte dress in person for the first time ever a few weeks ago and it was LITERALLY breath-taking-I saw the faux-blood soaked dress from last season!


I'm kind of having a fashion crisis though, regarding what to wear. I'm thinking I want to wear vintage, specifically the white lace dress with irridescent sequins I got in Tulsa. It sort of has that fragile beauty that is the essence of Rodarte...shoes and accessories are where the decisions get problematic.

I'll be sure to take pictures! I don't think I'll make it to the trunk show on Thursday, which I'm bummed out about because Laura and Kate Mulleavy are going to be there!!

ATLANTIS DRY GOODS//available to buy online soon

I have receved so many questions about the availablity of Atlantis Dry Goods recently-my mom and I are thrilled to hear that people are interested in it!

My mom has been working on the relaunch of her old label Atlantis Underground (now Atlantis Dry Goods) for a couple of months now and it's coming along well. The relaunch will consist of 6-7 pieces from her old line (pictured above). It should be available to purchase online by the end of the year-I'll let you guys know as soon as the website is up and running!


I wear a recently purchased vintage Moschino Cheap and Chic jacket with Joie satin pants, Prada sandals, and a couple of silver bracelets I borrowed from my mom.

This jacket is a great 80's piece-I love the way it yoke in the front. But the really cool thing about is the buttons-so typical of Franco Moschino. My camera gets moody when I try to take really up close pictures, but you can sort of tell that the buttons are little flies, with wings and leg and eyes.

I got the jacket at V.O.D, who collaborates with Archive Vintage-great stuff! If you're in Dallas, check both of them out.

I had to include a picture of these shoes too-they were my first pair of Pradas (I got them for my 15th birthday). They're too big for me, sadly...but I still wear them!

Sea of Shoes has a new look!

I'm not very skilled at adding things like 'links' or 'contact information' (way too high tech) but I'm working on it-you can always email me here though: the.trigger.hippie@gmail.com

I've gotten a lot of email this weekend while I was in Mexico and I'll try to get back to all of them soon.

Tell me what you think of the new or if you have problems viewing it in your browser!

Love always-Jane.


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