October 14, 2008

ATLANTIS DRY GOODS//available to buy online soon

I have receved so many questions about the availablity of Atlantis Dry Goods recently-my mom and I are thrilled to hear that people are interested in it!

My mom has been working on the relaunch of her old label Atlantis Underground (now Atlantis Dry Goods) for a couple of months now and it's coming along well. The relaunch will consist of 6-7 pieces from her old line (pictured above). It should be available to purchase online by the end of the year-I'll let you guys know as soon as the website is up and running!


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Photo of Azumi

That's great news! I remember when you first mentioned the name, I looked online to see if it was available there. I'm really eager to see what's for sale.

Photo of Coronaboomboom

Great to hear about your mom's new adventure! (And... you can preview it here: http://www.jalapenocafe.com/portfolio/Adg/atlantisdry.html ) ;)

Photo of jh san fran

my daughter and I love your blog and we are excited to hear that your mom's clothing line will be available - we are having a hard time viewing your photos in the new format - they are really long and narrow and cut off half the picture -

Photo of connie

That first skirt is gorgeous! I've been keeping my eye out for something like it ever since you posted a picture of it a while back. I've always admired it since then. I can't wait for the launch!

Photo of Brigadeiro

How exciting! I googled the label recently and saw a 'site under construction' with photos but no descriptions, I love the russian skirt and/or dress, can't wait!

Photo of brooke

you really should model for atlantis dry goods!
the clothes are so gorgeous...
ive also googled the label lately (and was much disappointed that it wasnt up and running)

i hope youll be shipping internationally!

Photo of tanya

congratulations to your mom!
the model she chose looks great in the clothes!
love the Russian Wedding Skirt but it'll probably be way out of my price range :(

Photo of oh lady e

I MUST have that first skirt! :) Love your blog.

Photo of visionarybutterfly

Hi Jane Love ur new title. I see you added more elements to it. Fabulous!

Photo of Hannah

That's great news! I hope you decide to ship internationally - I want the ruffled shorts!!

Photo of ihaveadog

Dear Jane: Please report on the fashion show! I am dying for those shoes - you are RIGHT ON about them - so excellent and fun!!! Best regards, Ihaveadog

Photo of Jojo

please have shipping available to the Philippines! :)

Photo of arline Jernigan

OMG, everyone wants the russian wedding skirt! I can't wait.

Photo of Becca

Amazing - maybe ship to Canada too?

Photo of katie Baggett

wow I love these items!! They look so flowy and comfortable too. I must say, those photos with the collection are so awesomely late-80s/early-90s!! It gives the line such a cool feel though. When did your mom begin the line?

Photo of Anny

This is great news!!! I was one of the ppl that was inquiring about an on line shop, and I'm glad you took the time to let us know!

Photo of Addinalag

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