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October 30, 2008

WHAT I WEAR TODAY//ahh i'm late to school!

Today was 'free dress day' (hah, free?? they make me wear flats!!) at our school-ie: I don't have to wear my uniform. So I felt like I had to wear something a little more out-there than usual for me.

Silver brogues by Yohji Yamamoto, polyester sheer skirt is Comme des Garcons, American Apparel tank top, tux style bib piece from Urabn Outfitters, tie dye jeans from Urban Outitters Gotta run, I'm late! ;-P

October 28, 2008

SHOUTOUTS//thanks guys!!

Sea of Shoes got a feature in this month's D Magazine-a local magazine for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Shot by Trevor Paulhus.

Click here to see the picture!

And I was interviewed by the very stylish and cool Christine Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer for the On the Radar section of the Phillipine Star-thanks Chrstine!

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to get to meet with Alison V. Smith at V.O.D. and she took some pictures of me-check out her website


October 27, 2008

RENE' CAOVILLA//fairy princess shoes

 These are my mom's Rene' Caovilla tulle and chiffon slingback heels. We've taken to calling these the 'fairy princess shoe'. I was so jealous when she found them at the end-of-summer sales-they are truly jaw-dropping in person. I'm on the lookout for a pair of Rene' Caovillas for myself now. I was really struck by them upon first because they are so unlike any shoe on the runway in recent years and certainly unlike any shoe in my closet.

For the past couple of years, sculpture and structured shoes have ruled the runways. Even though Rene' Caovilla isn't the most contemporary/edgy shoe designer, I'm ready to embrace the type of femenine, whimsical shoes he creates. In their own way, these shoes are kind of rock and roll: they are so over the top and out of this world-not to mention sort of impractical. To me they seem almost tongue-in-cheek. They bring to mind the wardrobe of glam rockstar Marc Bolan and Sofia Coppola's Marie Aintoinette. the phrase that comes to mind is "baroque rockstar". Paired with the right things, I think these shoes could really be what's next.

I mean I love my chunky acrylic wedge Marni's, the Burberry platforms for Spring 09, the Jil Sander shoes from Fall 07 and Fall 08, but I'm ready for something new!

These shoes are far too large for me but I borrowed them just for this picture-this picture is kind of ridiculous, I didn't realize the timer was going off. Nice jazz hands, right?

Rene' Caovilla slingback heels worn with skinny satin Joie pants, a J. Crew painter tee, a really cool tux-type bib piece from Urban Outffers, and a silk Nina Ricci jacket.

October 26, 2008

WHAT I WORE//10-25-08

A Y-3 sweatshirt dress (that is really supposed to be 'pants'), Margiela boots, unknown necklace

ACCESSORIES WISHLIST//a girl can dream

Balenciaga Fall 07 suede and shearling booties-how fun are these?? They're on sale at Yoox now.

Tom Binns 'Faux Real' necklace

Tom Binns Faux Real cuff 


Tom Binns 'Regal Rocker' necklace from 2004-OMG


Alexander Mcqueen skeleton keychain-I love putting keychains on my purses!



Andrew Prince tiara

René Caovilla clutch 



Posso the Spat 'The Preacher' spat-what an amazing way to update a pair of shoes. Definitely on my lust list!


Thierry Lasry striped aviators

Alaia narrow studded belt

October 24, 2008


Pictured above: my mom wears a vintage Bob Mackie coat, Levi's jeans and Givenchy beaded heels. I wear a vintage Lillie Rubin dress with Chloe patent criss scross sandals. The tweed jacket on the mannequin on the left is vintage Chanel, the leather jacket with the lion medallions on it is vintage Moschino. The jacket hanging above the mannequins is vintage Kansai Yamamoto.
All vintage pieces were purchased through eBay.

My mom is the expert when it comes to finding the best things on eBay so I asked her to compile a list of some tips for vintage shopping on eBay.



When using eBay to search for designer vintage items, first start with a designer that you like; for example: Yves Saint Laurent. 

First type "vintage Yves Saint Laurent" into the search engine.
Then try- "vintage YSL"
"YSL jacket"
"Yves Saint Laurent jacket"
"YSL dress"
"Yves Saint Laurent dress"

You get the idea-just sub out your favorite designers name.

Here are some of my favorite designers to look for:
Christian Lacroix
Claude Montana
Geoffrey Beene
Bill Blass
Thierry Mugler
Norman Norrell
Victor Costa
Pierre Cardin
Louis Feraud
Yves Saint Laurent
Teal Traina
Emanuel Ungaro
Carolina Herrera

Another good search technique is to choose the era of your design of choice. Let's use the 80's.
Here are some searches I would run for 80's vintage:
80's dress
80's jacket
80's bolero
80's bolero ruffles
80's silk ruffles
80's silk dres
80's dolman sleeves/batwing
80's silk ruffle dress
etc etc!

We are both really into rouched silk 80's dresses-floral, with ruffles: think vintage Ungaro! They look great with a pair of skinny pants and killer booties.

It is also important to read the description of an item when you pull up something you like. Look at the key words the seller uses, and plug those into your search. For instance, if you search for a jacket and in the description of an item, the seller calls it a 'jacket bolero', then plug the word bolero into your search engine. This will help you find exactly what you want!
The item you are looking for could be hiding under many different descriptions: it's important to change up your searches. Don't forget that eBay saves your searches: this is a huge time-saver!

Don't be afraid to bid on the item that no one else is bidding on or something that isn't photographed well: one man's trash is another man's treasure, right?

Happy hunting-I know you all will have questions so feel free to ask.

xox Judy (Jane's mom)


Some more tips from me, Jane:

My mom and I are on a first name basis with our tailor. An important thing to consider when buying vintage is that you can usually get something tailored to fit just right. It's worth the money to get something fitted, because that will make the difference between whether you wear it or not.

My advice for buying vintage would be to buy something that gets you out of your comfort zone: amongst the skinny snug leather jackets that you might usually choose, a big shoulder-padded Norma Kamali jacket might seem like a slightly ridiculous addition to your wardrobe. Remeber that it's all about how you wear it-what jewelery you wear, how you've done your hair and make-up (minimal, preferably), what you style it with, and most importantly, the SHOES! That same jacket might not seem so Dynasty if you wear it with faded jeans, a slinky tank top, and sexy Alaia sandals. Consider it a wardrobe challenge and have fun with it. :)

<3 Jane

October 23, 2008


This sequinned bolero I am wearing was purchased on eBay early last week and I was thrilled to see that it was as much as a beautiful trainwreck in person as it was in it's pictures-they colors are hideous in the most fabulous way. Its like a bad piece of folk art reincarnated as a tacky 80's relic.
I haven't worn this out yet but I can already hear my friends going 'oh what is jane thinking this time...' :-P

I really should have taken a better picture of it-will do so soon.

Worn with vintage Levi's, American Apparel tank, and Bruno Frisoni shoes.

October 21, 2008


Whats inspiring me now: Bianca Jagger, Frida Kahlo, the 2006 anime Paprika, exposed shoulders, floppy hats, Serge Gainsbourg (and so much more)

P.S. is anyone still having problems viewing Sea of Shoes?


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