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September 17, 2008

What I wore-Lazy Sunday

I never got around to posting this picture of what I wore on Sunday-not that I went anywhere, most of my Sundays consist of chores, eating mexican food, and doing homework. Wearing a Dries van Noten slip dress, Adidas cardigan, and Biba heels.

 I've never shown a good detail picture of these Biba heels-

They really are art for your feet!

Also, thanks to Sophie at Sophie Hearts Fashion for the interview! So sweet!


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Photo of WendyB

LOVE those Biba shoes and they look great with the Dries dress.

Photo of The Stylish Wanderer

You look fantastic. Im so jealous!

Photo of songy

Lovely details on those shoes. Brilliant. Haha you do very respectful even on Sundays at home...

Photo of Le Fashion

Girl! I am loving your shoe display. Just like a true fashion closet at the magazines :)

Photo of connie

those shoes are lovely.
like everyone else, i am totally envious of your collection.

Photo of Belowen

I really admire your way to wear contrasting prints... Lovely!

Photo of Marianne

I love this outfit, and those Biba shoes are amazing! Are they vintage or cuurent – they look pristine so I'm guessing current? Either way – love them! :)

Photo of Brigadeiro

LOVE the outfit! Especially that DVN dress (seeing he's my favourite designer!). Also...how adorable is your gingham horsey on the shelf behind you? CUTE!

Photo of tinkerbell and fairiest

Wow! Cool collection of shoes!!!!
And the heels are really artistic!

Photo of 942

Love those shoes and the dress. The cardigan, not so much. Lol... do you ever wear home clothes? Like t-shirt and shorts, you know casual things... You dressed so properly even on a lazy Sunday! :)

Photo of Stefania

wow those heels too pretty!
the adidas cardigan i covet
even if that's a sin, i want it

Photo of Brianne

I love the dress and sweater combination!

Photo of Cassaundra

those really are quite lovely!

Photo of Jess

Diggin the shoe display, for a lazy Sunday, you look oh-so-cute!

Photo of william shatner

LOVE the cardigan, i can't believe it's adidas. is it vintage?

Photo of taghrid

i love this look, and those shoes are so sweet

Photo of brooke

i have the same heels! i purchased mine at sak's a couple years aga and i wore them to my prom. and they are quite comfortable considering the height!

and i love the gorgeous combination, you look fabulous!

Photo of mybeaumonde

those biba shoes are heaven! even though the biba revival brand clothes were not very good...they did an amazing job with the shoes! love your blog it has fast become my favourite! i finally just started my own blog mybeaumonde.blogspot.com i would love to trade links.

Photo of Nina

wow, that cardigan works so well w/the dress. i would have never thought of pairing them together.

Photo of Amanda

your blog is the best, it's the only one i read..from a fellow texan (<3 austin)

Photo of whimsy

It's amazing how you dress up so well and call that your "lazy Sunday" look! I'd guess that you'd be going out somewhere fancy in that awesome DVN dress! Anyway, your shoe collection is absolutely phenomenal, and since I've been admiring your blog for the past little while, I'd thought I'd leave a comment...

Photo of Pamcasso

OMG, I absolutely love it.

Photo of tanya

wish i could look half as nice as you when im doing chores/homework.
just wanted to second 942's previous comment and ask if you ever wear daggy trackie bottoms and old t-shirts when slummin around the house?

Photo of Ané

I love this outfit, you look so lovely!

The cardigan is a cool combination with the dress!

Photo of stefii

i have a confesion i'm addicted to sea of shoes =D omg i just love your blog it's like I watch it every morning for inspiraion don't you ever stop posting cause i'm gonna be lost in my wardrobe =D hihihi with looove stefania

Photo of mayk

I love Biba - and those heels make me love Biba even more.

I'm usually against any shoes incorporating prints - but these shoes change that.

You look fab.

Photo of Mel

I love the outfit! I can't believe that the cardigan is Adidas! They're stuff looks so sporty, but you've managed to take it and make it look so preppy and chic. Love the colorfulness with the Dries dress and Biba shoes!

Photo of fashionista

You look amazing on your lazy days, my lazy day outfit is a huge college t-shirt and boxer shorts...

I LOVE your blog, keep up the awesome work.

Photo of Noah

i love you style!
i have just started my own blog and i know now you'll be some hell of an inspiration to me,

Photo of SOS!

The dress looks like a a beautiful painting, I love it!

Photo of Ana

I adore the shoes!

Photo of nastya

it is cool colection of shoes!!!!!!I like it!

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