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September 13, 2008

Vintage Guy Laroche cape, 501's, acrylic Marni wedges


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Photo of WendyB

Usually, I'm focused on vintage but those Marni wedges are spectacular.

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

are you in heaven right now? or carrie's new closet? and i think i love the blue bag behind you and the little batman thing on the wall.

onto the clothes. love the purple cape.

Photo of ignoranceisabliss

I'm distracted by your new shelves! :)

Photo of akjshdf

once again - i am simply amazed by your blog. I L O V E I T! asdjhfkasjdfhsd
your so lucky i wish i had your closet/courage

Photo of Tia

Great outfit! Love the vintage cape.
Is that your closet?!? I'm so jealous!

Photo of popartpistol

Your bedroom reno is looking magnificant!
I absolutely adore those wedges and the cape.

Photo of Wax

That's a lovely cape!

Photo of eliza

firstly, those shelves? if only i had that much space to display... second, those shoes? killer, and oh so high! that cape looks so perfect for a fall day...

Photo of carlotta and annie

cape, jeans, shoes, shelfs, side bun= all perfect


Photo of Emma

all those shoes on the background are heaven... love your outfit

Photo of v

oh wow, your room is amazing!

love the cape too, it's a cool colour!

Photo of tanya

i want those marni's so so badly. but even moreso, i NEED those beautiful comme des garcons shoes that i spy in the background.
ever since i saw those shoes on your blog ive been trying to find them, but with no luck...

Photo of Nina

Damn, these shoes in the background drive me mad.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Haha! Not only do we have the same DVN shoes, I have similar Marni shoes! (mine have the cream heel, LOVE them!) I LOVE your outfit, and am SO envious of your new shelves! I wish I had enough room for my clothes/shoes! Yours is my favourite blog!!! :)

Photo of Alana

OMG! Those shelves!

Photo of bigna

Oh, is that your room?
how nice!

Photo of chris

what a loveely cape, in an awesome color

Photo of a la mode

Those shoes are incredible! I love your new shelves too, so inspiring to look at

Photo of Hannah

omfg. it´s a shoe shop!

Photo of anne

the side view of your shoes is very helpful. thank you for including! often we just get a head-on view and I wonder about the look of the heel....

Photo of sarah

I love the jeans. It`s perfect.

Photo of kristin

love those shoe shelves!

Photo of Alicia

Love the shoes and shelves! Lucky girl!

Photo of The Stylish Wanderer

GOD. I LOVE your shoes. Every single pair.

I need you to know, normal people arent as lucky as you! So be thankful EVERY DAY

Photo of Stella

I'm 24 years old (soon to be 25), but I keep coming back to your blog! I find it refreshing that you're pretty much fearless with fashion. Your style gives me ideas, one of them being the boots you got a while ago...I had to get the cheapo version, but still! You triggered it.

Photo of Becca

Oh the purple cape! How amazingly wonderful it is. And the Marni shoes! Sensational.

Photo of songy

what a show stopper! those shoes are fantastically high!

Photo of songy

Really like how you're displaying your shoes there. just realised from your previous post.. this room was getting renovated was it?

Photo of elizabeth

ohhhh JANE that cape is so so so SO SICK. love love love

Photo of Ané

I love this outfit
the jeans and Marni's are great, and I wouldn't mind the cape either. and the shoes in the background! Ah..the Dries obsession I've had for quite a while is growing even more steady with your blog

Photo of Jordan 1

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Photo of art

OMG! Those shelves!

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