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September 18, 2008

Pages from the Style Book-part two



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Photo of tanya

that image on the top left of page 5 is so evocative. i want to get to know those little creatures better.
i love the way that the dining room displays those photographs in the background. reminds me of sofia coppola's apartment. i hope to do the same in a house of my own one day...

Photo of carlotta and annie

very cool dining room, its so simple but so peacefil.
also is that a Del Kathryn Barton painting there? it looks very much like it.

Photo of Val

I love the Galliano jacket. I can definitely see you wearing it.

Photo of Johanne

Inspiring, please post more pages!


Photo of Laleh

The John Galliano distressed stars and stripes jacket is very appropriate for the current state of the union. Wearing it during these times would be very symbolic. It would be interesting to know the year of its creation. ~L

Photo of Nina

i love that dining room. and pages 7 & 8 are my fave.

Photo of mayk

I'm loving the image in the top left corner of Page 5.

Do you have any more information about it? It's like Gorey meets Tim Burton meets kittens.

Photo of chauss

love those leopard stilettos. :)

Photo of Gaia

I especially love the first and last photo!

Photo of Susan

Scrapbook collages are a real love of mine. So wonderfully creative and I love how juxtaposing several images brings on a whole new light to each picture, that one would never have noticed before.
I hope to upload pages from my catalogue of scrapbooks on my blog at some point, but my scanner is bust! Boo-hoo!

Please keep up your amazing blog and really love reading it! x

Photo of margo

Page Four Page Four Page Four!!! I'm absolutely mad about this Galliano jacket! Looking for any info which collection was it from.
Best wishes,

Photo of margo

Hi again! I found it at last. Fall 2006 rtw. He is a magican really.

Photo of chloe bags

I hope to upload pages from my catalogue of scrapbooks on my blog at some point, but my scanner is bust! Boo-hoo!

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