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22 posts from September 2008

September 06, 2008

A lot of outfits

There really is no way to explain how I ended up wearing all of these outfits in less than twenty four hours, including two that I did not photograph. The truth is I just change clothes a lot.


Y-3 pancho/cape/top, vintage 501's, a borrowed Omega Seamaster watch, my Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots :)

Last night I tried on this Y-3 pancho my mom had gotten that day at Fourty Five Ten-she says she'll share, which I'm excited about because this is totally my style: I have a plethora of heather grey sweatshirts. Not to mention I'm addicted to Y-3...in fact I've been meaning to do a post on the amazing styling of the runway show this season. Looking forward to seeing the Spring 09 show soon too!

The way the sleeve is unhemmed and double layered is a fantastic detail.

And this morning-

J. Crew pleated cotton shirt, Joie satin pants, lace-up Ann Demeulemeester boots

and then, shopping and a last minute get together for mexican food

Dries van Noten cardigan, American Apparel tank top, Shipley and Halmos skirt, Alaia gladiator heels, Tom Binns cuffs

What was I shopping for, you might ask? A sister for my Tom Binns 'Faux Real' floral cuff. I'm so happy to have two! One alone looks fabulous but two really makes a statement-the picture does not do these cuffs justice at all, the way they catch the light is dazzling. I couldn't believe the mark down on these!

The cuff that does not have the purple flower on it is the new one-I was going to get one with a more similar coloring to the one I already have but my dad suggested choosing the blue tinged one for contrast...he was right!

I loved my mom's outfit when she went out tonight.

She wears an Old Navy shirt, a Ralph Lauren belt, Hysteric Glamour jeans, and Dries van Noten sandals. Jeans cuffed to show off those amazing shoes, of course.

More (coherent) posts to come,

September 04, 2008

Thanks Refinery 29!

Thanks so much to Kelley at Refinery 29 for the sweet article she wrote about me! :)

Click to read it-

and thanks to everyone who has written me such nice emails and left comments-even though I might not have time to reply to them all.

love always, jane

Yesterday I wore-

Morrocan scarf, thrifted boy's coat, Society for Rational Dress jumpsuit, and my beloved Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots.

(Yesterday it was a little chilly, I couldn't believe it)

September 03, 2008

Pages from the Style Book

My mom and I continually work on a 'style book' of things that inspire us in magazines and other things. Here are a couple of pages from our style book.

September 01, 2008


I just got back from picking up my  pair of Ann Demeulemeester boots at Barneys and I love them (of course)! Erm I would show what I wore today but it was a repeat outfit (vintage pleated Dries van Noten skirt, American Apparel sweatshirt, acrylic Marni heels). I do have some pictures from yesterday though.

Lunch with my mom and my sister at the Porch

I know I say I can't wait for winter but I'll miss wearing these tube tops...so nice and cool to wear having lunch outside yesterday. Worn with a Prada skirt and Marni acrylic wedges.

Later in the day...

^Shredded 501's, linen shirt, mesh scarf, Margiela shoes

My Ann Demeulemeesters are great and some of the other versions out there are incredible too. These are kind of like what the Margiela sandal boot (see above) was to me last season...you want every variation there is because they're so one of a kind. Maybe I'll even warm up to the flat boots. They'd look amazing on the right person, I'm sure.

Question of the day;

This is a scan from FRUiTs magazine: I love everything about this girl's dumpster-diving fairy princess look. I would totally wear her sneakers. What I'm wondering is whether or not her purple jacket with the patch and fox fur collar is a reference to the ubiquitous Balenciaga fall 2007 collection.

compare to

and if it is a Balenciaga shoutout, is it a

 or a?

Either way, I love her attitude and what shes wearing.


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