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September 29, 2008

Kind of having a rock-ette moment myself today...

Normally I wouldn't be in a get-up like this on a Monday night but today I had a photoshoot in my room and had to pick something to wear. I ended up changing in the middle of the shoot but this is what I started out with: I guess my thoughts were still kind of lingering on Balmain when I picked this out cause this jacket and these (amazing) jeans have a strong rock&roll vibe.

I got these jeans at V.O.D. too: they were made by a friend of Jackie, one of the owners of the boutique. I'll ask her more about them next time I see her because I am totally in love with them!

Other than the jeans, I am wearing a vintage Kansai Yamamoto sweater/jacket, an American Apparel v neck, and Balenciaga ankle boots.



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Photo of Key

that jacket is gorgeous!
and you room looks very cool with your shoe collection!

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

awesome jacket! and what are THOSE grey shoes with the brown wooden(?) sole on the 3rd shelf from the top towards the right?!!

Photo of william

You know I lovelovelovelovelove those boots.

Photo of mattie

cool jacket.
oh btw i blam you for getting me addicted to the ann demeulemeester triple lace up tall boots but i'm in love with the flat version. it'll take me 3 months to save for it, i hope they will still be around then.

gotta let u know, your blog is in my top 3 favorite blogs


Photo of arline Jernigan

I love those jeans !

I have the WANTS!

What a great shoe wall.

Photo of mattie

oh, one more thing, you should have a closet video or photo tour one day that would be the ultimate post. that would be the coolest

Photo of Leah

Please post about the jeans when you find out! I love them too!

Photo of jan

ooh! love the jeans and jacket. what was the photoshoot for?

Photo of Brigadeiro

Wow, what was the shoot for Jane? I LOVE your outfit (would also love to see what you changed into, as the original outfit was gorge!), also LOVE your shoe 'wall'!

Pretaporter P, those grey shoes are THE Emanuel Ungaro's Jane mentioned in an early post, can't wait to see an outfit pic! :)

Photo of Brigadeiro

PS. Hope you don't mind my answering...

Photo of nazima

in love with the zip on ur jeans

Photo of Tara

Fantastic outfit! And I'm sure this has been said many (many, many, many) times before but I LOVE your shoe wall.

Photo of Liza

Hi Jane!

Sitting here in a miserable small town in northern Sweden, freezing my ass off, I smile every time I see your wonderful pictures. You have such an amazing warm style, wish I could have met you in person instead of looking at these depressed Swedes who are molded into the same shape. Thank you! =)

Photo of Liza

Btw, I see that you (or your mom) bought the Ungaro brach shoes. Lovely!

Photo of bluejay

Photoshoot? Do you model? (you should!)

Photo of Sus

Love the jeans, & the shoes! Do you own many flats? Don't take that the wrong way, I just see a lot of heels there. But heels rock, of course! :)

Photo of Binnie

Balmain's been playing on my mind too. And you channel it so beautifully. I love that jacket! *slurp

Photo of missmilki

Love the jacket! You have the most fabulous and enviable shoe collection - I love how you have them displayed.

Photo of brooke


pray tell!

gorgeous outfit as per normal!

Photo of Jessie77us

nice to see you rock the balenciaga boots! and are those the ungaro shoes i spy on the shelf? Can't wait to see how you rock them they are amazing! A closet tour would be awesome...

Photo of Dana

those jeans are amazing!! Makes me want to do a diy
what was the photoshoot for?

Photo of Ané

wowwowoowow this is too damn cool. I also see on your shoe rack that ypu got the Ungaros?

Photo of Erin

That jacket is amazing.

Photo of Judy

How amazing is this shoe wall, I want the same, it seems that your shoe wall would take the half of my apartment, maybe in the future I will have the same

Photo of Soof

I must say that I do admire you sense of style, not always what I would wear but still. Anyways since I know about your blog I ask myself everytime how it is possible that you can have such a great shoe/clothes collection? Your parents must be millionares considering that for example the Ann Demeulesteer boots cost roughly 2000$ a pair and you have got 2!!!!!!
I guess you are a young girl blessed with parents who have got money that they are willing to spend on fashion !:)

Photo of Wax

great look! :)

your shoe closet/shelves = to die for!!

Photo of Maria

AHHH, I noticed the Ungaros too! I lust after your shoe collection.

Photo of v.o.d.

Jane shoot those pants from the side and back ! they are incredible, they are designed by diane izzedin a belgian designer who has been making denim for her close friends and fans for over 10 years and now she's making them for us. each pair is made by hand. anyone can email talk@vodboutique.com for more info. they look great on you!!

Photo of Alex

I adore that jacket, it is very of the moment!

Photo of Alex

I adore that jacket, it is very of the moment!

Photo of Marina

Jane!I can't wait to see you in this ungaro shoes. And your jeans is really very hot Balmain inspired thing!As always-you are the best!

Photo of Marina

Jane!I can't wait to see you in this ungaro shoes. And your jeans is really very hot Balmain inspired thing!As always-you are the best!

Photo of Marina

Jane!I can't wait to see you in this ungaro shoes. And your jeans is really very hot Balmain inspired thing!As always-you are the best!

Photo of Marina

Jane!I can't wait to see you in this ungaro shoes. And your jeans is really very hot Balmain inspired thing!As always-you are the best!

Photo of Julie

Love the Balmain-esque look. The jeans are hot too! I can't wait to hear more about them. What was the shoot for?


Photo of Nina

those jeans are TDF! please get more info on them...like where can we get them! :)

Photo of M

i love it! everything!
amazing collection of shoes btw!!!! is that your shoe closet!?! im very jealous. :)

Photo of seffa

everytime i see someone in a groovy, rock-chic outfit i think anita pallenberg.
love that jacket.

Photo of eighteeneleven

I am ALWAYS amazed by your shoe wall. LOVE it, and the jacket is amazing as well!

Photo of rainie

the jeans are very alexander wang! and i am completely jealous of all your shoes. to.die.for.

Photo of the launderette

ahhh! your shoe wall! i wants it!

Photo of Kristin

Those gray strappy shoes on the shelf....gasp. They are gorgeous.

Photo of Sera

i would pay to live in that closet !

Photo of mayk

I don't know whether to stare at you or your Ungaros



Photo of Caro

You look absolutely stunning. :)

great job!


Photo of issa

fantastic jacket!! and love the shoes!!

Photo of hardliquorsoftholes

i once found an AMAZING kansai sweater at the salvation army for like $3. it was so detailed and beautiful but i have no idea where it is now (hopefully at my parents'). it was purple and black and had all this insane texture. really great stuff.

Photo of Becca

That jacket is amazing!

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