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September 29, 2008

Kind of having a rock-ette moment myself today...

Normally I wouldn't be in a get-up like this on a Monday night but today I had a photoshoot in my room and had to pick something to wear. I ended up changing in the middle of the shoot but this is what I started out with: I guess my thoughts were still kind of lingering on Balmain when I picked this out cause this jacket and these (amazing) jeans have a strong rock&roll vibe.

I got these jeans at V.O.D. too: they were made by a friend of Jackie, one of the owners of the boutique. I'll ask her more about them next time I see her because I am totally in love with them!

Other than the jeans, I am wearing a vintage Kansai Yamamoto sweater/jacket, an American Apparel v neck, and Balenciaga ankle boots.



So fresh, so right now: Christophe Decarnin really hit his stride with the whole couture rock tramp thing this season. I wanna copy all of this, and those shoes? I need them!!

Today's Inspiration Board-9/29

September 27, 2008

Tulsa in five hours

You wouldn't think a spot this bleak looking would yield such amazing vintage finds-but most of what is pictured below was just a few seconds away from where this photograph was taken. 

My mom and I arrived in Tulsa at about 11 and got home an hour ago from hitting all of our favorite stores in Tulsa. Tulsa has the greatest and most affordable vintage shopping in the country, I'd suspect.

Looks like my mom and I had a bit of a magpie/bauer bird eye when we went out shopping today-everything glitzy and sparkly was immediately off the rack and onto our backs. Obviousely the shoes weren't purchased here-both my mom and I packed a few pairs for the weekend.

^a beautiful vintage skirt (standing on its own) from Silver Screen Vintage, Lanvins and Balenciagas, and my mom and her new red silk chiffon skirt.

 This beautiful lace dress with rows of sequins running in between the ruffles-it is easily my favorie vintage find ever-PERIOD. You cannot believe how beautiful it is in real life-tonight I want to wear it out with my Ann Demeulemeester boots.

I got it at my favorite Tulsa treasure trove-Silver Screen Vintage. My mom and I spent forever combing the racks of the store and trying every thing on.

^ My mom in a beaded and sequined tank top she tried on for me

Can you believe this skirt? I can't! This skirt is like an instrument, it is so large and heavy it couldn't even fit into a bag. It's difficult to tell from this blurry photo I took in the changing room, but it has bands of velvet, satin, tulle type lace, and is lined in another layer of very heavy satin. Obviously it was custom made for someone, but it feels like a custom piece of couture.

^shoppin, browsing in Silver Screen Vintage

Okay, with all of these fun new clothes, picking a fabulous outfit for dinner is going to be really hard, so I better get started.



September 22, 2008

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 08 Lace Up Boots: A Tale of Obsession

Regular Sea of Shoes readers may be getting tired of seeing these boots but they're about to get another dose of them. Sorry guys, I can't help myself. I'm obsessed.

So is my mom actually. As I have mentioned before, these boots topped both of our must-have lists for this season. We loved them so much we both got them in another variation: the plum triple lace up version from Browns Fashion.

We always end up having at least one pair of the same shoes every season but this season we got the same exact two pairs as each other! When it comes to these boots, the more the merrier, right?

My pairs, side by side

It's difficult to articulate what makes these boots so fantastic. They have steampunk vibe; romantic and archaic but slightly bad ass all at once. They're the  sort of boot a Tim Burton heroine would wear: the Corpse Bride could wear them with her decaying wedding dress, and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas would love them, too.

Here are some ways my mom and I have been styling our new favorite boots.

My mom wears her black lace up Ann D boots, all clothes from her line Atlantis Dry Goods.

I can't get a picture downstairs without the dogs, haha.
Mom wears her triple lace up Ann D boots with an American Apparel skirt and two sweatshirts from the same label that I can't remember the name of...they were purchased at Fred Segal on Melrose, I'll ask her about them.

Quite a boring outfit, I apologize. It was too boring for me to wear even to drivers ed so I ended up changing. Triple lace up Ann Demeulemeester boots worn with silver coated Superfine jeans and a random charcoal tee.

Rabbit fur felt hat, silk shirt by Reset (a label I buy at Tulsa boutique Boulevards), Acne Tube jeans, thrift store belt, and my black lace-up Ann D boots.

I'll try to give these boots a rest for a while and try to wear some more of my fall purchases. :)

TTYS, jane

September 21, 2008

Three collections I love to refer back to, one shoe I lust for

September 18, 2008

Pages from the Style Book-part two


September 17, 2008

What I wore-Lazy Sunday

I never got around to posting this picture of what I wore on Sunday-not that I went anywhere, most of my Sundays consist of chores, eating mexican food, and doing homework. Wearing a Dries van Noten slip dress, Adidas cardigan, and Biba heels.

 I've never shown a good detail picture of these Biba heels-

They really are art for your feet!

Also, thanks to Sophie at Sophie Hearts Fashion for the interview! So sweet!


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