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August 13, 2008

What my trip to Austin yielded..

Pretty amazing stuff!! I think I'll be going back with my friends sometime this year for another shopping trip.

Somone commented asking if I had been to Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds-yes, I did go with my mom and we were mesmerized by their endless collection of costume jewelry-I've been trying to find some animal brooches and they had like an entire zoo of animal brooches so I brought a few home.

The necklace is so sparkly and over the top-when I've worn it I've noticed people's eyes go straight to my neck-it's hard to miss.

Style Station was a random boutique off the side of the highway that had vast quanities of cowboy boots, Levi's, and some vintage clothing. I think my mom and my grandpa and I are going to go look at boots there sometime next week.

:) Excited to wear my new things.


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Photo of Sophie

Wow! Great finds! I love the peach coloured vest. I’m so in to fur vests right now, I just bought my self this one at Ebay http://i23.ebayimg.com/01/i/001/02/fa/4467_1.JPG. I just can’t wait to start wear it when it gets colder here in Sweden. /Sophie♥

Photo of Shay

wow, I love how you rock the mid-calf skirt length. This is tough to do.

Photo of amber

i know where style station is. im from around there.

Photo of Nying

Brava Jane! You are like the female Indiana Jones of fashion... always willing to break barriers, leaving a trail of influence all over!

Photo of Annie Spandex

You make amazing in your disco dress, and I love the black & gold one too.

Photo of tanya

love the third look! the proportions are perfect.

Photo of Kaitlin

Wow i love austin!!!! Great finds! my favorite store is called blue velvet.

Photo of kristin

when I scrolled down and saw the "continued..!" section it was pretty much like my birthday and christmas rolled into one. Such great finds! I'm looking forward to hunting for vintage in Queens this weekend. I will feel lucky if I find two of the amazing pieces that you found! Can't wait to see the animal brooches in action...

Photo of Laura

Your style is so amazing!!! I love how you combine high end pieces with vintage finds!!! Great blog!!! Give us more amazing outfits!!!!

Photo of chauss

i gotta say the vintage scorpion pin just caught my eye.... and great layout of all the new goodies. :)

Photo of R

AMAZING EVERYTHING! When you travel, do you know exactly which antique shop to visit? Or do you travel amuck and come across these cool stores?

If there's a website, can you tell us?

Photo of deanna

love, love the miu miu skirt!

Photo of Lisa

oh my.

absolutely stunning. I love love love that black/white swing skirt + the necklace. My favourites by far. Although everything is absolutely breathtaking...

you have the most incredibly eye.

keep on rocking girl.


Photo of carlotta

ahhh such lovely finds, everything is just amazing and you wear it all so well!
i particularly love those animal broaches, i have a small collection of cat broaches (inspired by my Grandma who loves cats) but i now think im going to have to expand the collection to a wider variety of animals ;)

Photo of becky

the last outfit is the best one, just simple with a cute belt!
the others are too much, less is sometimes better ;)

greets from germany

Photo of vintageflowers

I loove the combo with the fur and the dries VN dress , and the jewels are so cool , the scorpio!!!and this vintage shop among the cactus is wonderful, my idea of Heaven!!!!thanks Jane well done !!!again...

Photo of Beatrice

The mid-calf skirt length is awesome and I hope that we'll be seeing more of that lenght in the future.

The gold and black dress is faboulos. I adore it.


Photo of hardliquorsoftholes

yay! torn levi's twins. (except the asian/blonde boy/girl thing).

Photo of shoebox

Great finds! Loving the dress, the skirt and the Levi´s :)

Photo of Mike

that vest is absolutely incredible

Photo of Nubby

You have such an amazing way of layering all these random finds! And I love your hair in the braids!

Photo of Jessica

Love that Leaf pin

Check out my page: Intolerablychic.blogspot.com

Photo of Jess

Oh my God I am speechless!! EVERY outfit is so damn amazing!!!! The peach fur vest layered over your Dries!!! OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO PERFECT!!!! You pair things so brilliantly you really should be a stylist!!!!!!!

Photo of william shatner
william shatner August 14, 2008 at 07:48 PM

LOVE the 2nd look, the balenciaga booties are pure sex. also loving your silver chanels.

Photo of william shatner
william shatner August 14, 2008 at 07:50 PM

LOVE the 2nd look, the balenciaga booties are pure sex. also loving your silver chanels.

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

The black/gold dress is really incredible
The Fur cape has a cool The Row vibe too it.
And in the last picture the belt and the shoes, LOVE!

And the jewelry is incredible!!

Photo of Speedee888

Hi. You have a lot of fans here from the Philippines. I love gold jewelry too and love stacking them together like you do. Can you take a close photo of your gold watch with the gold bracelets? Thanks!

Photo of shesdressingup

Absolutely amazing finds! I love the black fur cape especially

Photo of richel

I really really love your blog. A lot. I tried doing my hair just like your second photo, but it didn't work on me. After seeing how you successfully mastered the look maybe I'll try again!

Would you like to exchange links? Because I'm just too in love with all of your looks.

Photo of Lol

please please please learn that less is more.

Wearing 75 layers of expensive designer pieces does not make you fashionable.

Photo of Love-Lee

You always have really cool ideas but you should really work on what fits you and what doesn't. Some of these outfits (#3, #4 & 5) are REALLY UNFLATTERING

Photo of anon

deleting comments doesn't make your style any better

Photo of eliza

wow. my jaw dropped when i saw those broches and that necklace...good shopping trip indeed! that giraffe caught my eye especially, but the whole lot, clothes included are all so great individually and together!

Photo of nicole

i adore the brooches. i'll have to check out that place next time i'm in austin. great finds!

Photo of steffie

Beautiful outfits! like them al

Photo of Emma

Your new finds are lovely. The last outfit is my personal favourite.

Photo of aya

i'm in love with your style, just found it:O

Photo of Zoe

I think sometimes more is more! I like how you are so inventive with your style, so many people play it too safe! fashion should be fun, a bit of irony makes every outfit more interesting

Photo of Key

omfg!!! you look amazing! i feel so shopping deprived... :( really
i need my fix right now, but it´s´almost 11 pm here in Mexico
your stuff is awesome... i really love all your funky shoes.

Do you really go to school with them? :O


Photo of alicepleasance

I love those animal brooches! ...I collect animal jewelry indeed :-)

Photo of Tamar

How i long for the day when animals will start stripping the skin off humans and wear them as clothes - using loose terminology like '50's glam' and 'vintage' to describe a period where humans heads were stuck so far up their ass that they saw luxury in a product of animal cruelty - the more rare the animal, the better.
this is the year 2008, we are not idiots, fur is murder.

Photo of Poster Girl

Wow, you found some really beautiful pieces. So you made it to Lucy In Disguise With Diamonds! I could spend hours in there :) The shops on SoCo were my favorite when I went to Austin on vacation.

Photo of Linnea

My grandmother has the giraff! I think it looks exactly like yours! Strange, because I'm from Sweden.

Photo of MadameLafayette

You´re wearing: tha golden girls look ;D

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