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August 16, 2008

What I've been wearing

First picture: Top from Urban Outfitters, Y-3 skirt, Balenciaga booties
Second picture: Atlantis Underground shirt, scarf I got in Marrakesh, cut off shorts, Marni heels
^geeky face.

Maybe more posting later today, for now I have to run because an episode of SATC just started. ;-)


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Photo of Dani Way

Both of these outfits are very subtle, but look effortless and chic.

Photo of Saree Elias

i love the boho accessories of the second outfit just love itt:)

Photo of Jeremy

I found your blog a few weeks ago and I must say you are the chicest teenager I've eve seen. I wish there were more of you around. Being surounded by Abercrobie rejects all day I come to your blog and see how a person with a true
perspective on fashion dresses. You never let a trend controlyou. Keep looking chic. Stay you?

Photo of Jessica

I adore your first and second outfits god you are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email me if you want to chat fashion; I just got back from seeing the Fall Couture shows in Paris. My website is LaJolieEtJeunette.com

Photo of LAA

adore both outfits, very similar to my taste! if you dont mind me asking what is it that your mom does (jobwise)... ? anyways, thanks for all your inspirational posts, keep it up.

Photo of Noisy

It looks effortless but really classy and stylish..And I absolutely love the first outfit,and you look like an angel on the picture !

Photo of Karen

Those marni heels are tres chic, but I'd be slipping and falling all over myself in 'em, lol! Lawd, I'd put on a show for sure...

Photo of val

both these outfits are amazing!! they look gorgeous - very effortless. I like your shoes in the secoond photo A LOT!

Photo of Amee

I love both outfits. First time commenting, and long time reader :) My friend JUST bought that top from Urban Outfitters today and I had to help her tie the back because it criss-crosses.

Photo of qin

I love the shoes~!!!!! Especially the second one! It is so freaking awesome! The top as well :) You look so pretty :D

Photo of richel


STOP BEING SO BEAUTIFUL. I seriously have major style envy. and I kind of have a girl crush on you because everything you wear is so wonderful.

Photo of joanne

hi jane :) all of your shoes are really gorgeous!! i just wanna ask, what camera do you use when taking pictures? the pictures are impressive :)

Photo of joanne

hi jane :) all of your shoes are really gorgeous!! i just wanna ask, what camera do you use when taking pictures? the pictures are impressive :)

Photo of lani

you might want to checkout this site http:/affordluxury.multiply.com. Seller is from the Philippines but I got a few fab pieces from her. dirt cheap! Multiply stores are our cyber "thrift stores" here in the Philippines

Photo of Iris Tanael

Hi jane i love what you wore on the first pic. oh and by the way you always look beautiful in what you wear.

Photo of chantelle

Loving both looks. One is light like air, the other is relaxed like a stream.

Photo of Marjolein

Lovely outfits!
And btw, you've got an award! Look at my blog for the award and the further rules :)

Photo of Emma

Love the outfits. The Marni heels are <3

Photo of B

Nice outfits, cutie!

Photo of Luxe.

The Balenciaga booties are amazing!

Photo of ainsley

so as you know i don't really know alot about fashion.
i just kind of wear shit. :]
but juani you are some kind of adorable!!

Photo of Mike

i really love that y3 skirt
you wear it well

Photo of Rachel

Adorable looks, simple colours and very chic style :)

Very inspiring

Photo of Fernando

you have a fantastic style!...
I read your blog for months, and never comment.
i love your fresh and positive style...
...the way to present the daily thing, with a necessary dose of magic… Congratulations!
and sorry for my terrible English...
(greetings from Spain!)

Photo of Doe Deere Blogazine

Black & white has never looked so powerful!

Photo of Tessa

I think I'm in love with the marni heels!


Photo of x Miss Corrine x

LOVE the Balenciaga booties - yum!

Photo of UM

so glab to see you've gone green!
recycling is the way to go!!


Photo of mırmıriye

I think you have mostly no sense of fashion.

Photo of Random

Great shoes but for someone with alot of money to spare on shoes, your clothes...don't match upto the standarrs of the shoes. And no, I'm not a hater. Just wanted to inform you.

Photo of Steroids

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Photo of kate

The boots are amazing , love them!



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