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17 posts from August 2008

August 16, 2008

What I've been wearing

First picture: Top from Urban Outfitters, Y-3 skirt, Balenciaga booties
Second picture: Atlantis Underground shirt, scarf I got in Marrakesh, cut off shorts, Marni heels
^geeky face.

Maybe more posting later today, for now I have to run because an episode of SATC just started. ;-)

August 13, 2008

What my trip to Austin yielded..

Pretty amazing stuff!! I think I'll be going back with my friends sometime this year for another shopping trip.

Somone commented asking if I had been to Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds-yes, I did go with my mom and we were mesmerized by their endless collection of costume jewelry-I've been trying to find some animal brooches and they had like an entire zoo of animal brooches so I brought a few home.

The necklace is so sparkly and over the top-when I've worn it I've noticed people's eyes go straight to my neck-it's hard to miss.

Style Station was a random boutique off the side of the highway that had vast quanities of cowboy boots, Levi's, and some vintage clothing. I think my mom and my grandpa and I are going to go look at boots there sometime next week.

:) Excited to wear my new things.

August 11, 2008

Texas, Movies, inspire me

This week I've been obsessing over Logan's Run since I started watching it with my friends: I'm way into semi cheesy dystopian sci fi movies and this is definitely one of my favorites. Besides having incredible costumes and a sick soundtrack, I liked it because it hits kind of close to home. Literally: it was primarily filmed in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. It's pretty eery to see these places I've been to before, filmed as if they were in the future-but actually filmed in 1975.

The scenes in this building were filmed in the recently demolished Dallas Apparel Market. I'd been there with my mom a year or two before it was torn down. I hadn't seen the movie then but it had struck me as a really cool building, it's a shame that it isn't there anymore. The Fort Worth Water Gardens (below) were also used for the movie.

I was really impressed by the costumes too, slinky sheaths in christmas red and mint green, worn with sheer matching tights and capes: this goes for both sexes. Not to mention the costumes in the renewal ritual: very eery. I was wondering what happened to them all: they must have made a trillion of them for the movie. I wonder if you could ever come across some of them on eBay.

This post is about to get sort of random-but after seeing Logan's Run and driving through bleak Texas landscapes this weekend, I was reminded of another great movie that was filmed (and set) in Texas: the 1986 musical True Stories, directed by and starring David Byrne. It is the only 'musical' I have ever found enjoyable-I'm a big fan of David Bryne and the Talking Heads-the soundtrack is excellent. This movie is a celebration of wierdness and the kinds of eccentric personalities that flourish in the cultural wastelands of Texas. Embrace the wierd and remember, "shopping is a feeling".

Here is a clip of my favorite scene: the insane fashion show with the brick and grass suits. This was filmed at the North Park mall here in Dallas.

(By the way, if you have a Netflix subscription you can watch it online from their instant video library: I've watched it like a million times since I found this out)

I have a ton of pictures from my trip, I'll try to get them up as soon as possible!

Wearing one of my new Austin finds!

I got this paisley print shawl over the weekend in Austin-its very sparkley in real life and after playing around with it I've discovered it's a very versatile piece. The jeans I'm wearing in this are Miss Sixty- I got them two years ago at an outlet mall and they are sadly two sizes to big for me and I find myself constantly pulling them up-the way they are constructed makes them really hard to modify but I think I'm going to see if my tailor can come up with anything because they are RIDICULOUSLY cool! I wear the vintage shawl and Miss Sixty jeans with a Project Alabama shirt and Marni heels-and my octopus ring!

August 09, 2008

Away for the weekend-

Yesterday my family drove up to Austin to get away for a while. I'll be back Sunday and I'll try to take some pictures while I'm here-today I think my mom and I are going to look into a couple of vintage boutiques and consignment stores. Hopefully we'll turn up some impressive finds-TTYL!


August 06, 2008

Some new things

Picked these up yesterday and today I'm wearing them-I've been really excited about these Chanel boots that caught my eye on a sale rack-definitely not a shoe I would normally choose (never been excited about a Chanel shoe, ever) but they're actually kind of wild. Silver mesh lace up wedge peeptoe booties-what a concept!

Come winter I'll be wearing these with wax coated skinny jeans but for now I'm trying to get my wear out of them in summer by pairing them with girly knee length skirts: for instance, this taffeta checked Prada skirt. Worn with a teal boob tube from Mango for optimum hot weather endurance. I'm getting pretty sick of summer.
I'm dissapointed that I haven't done more non-outfit posts but lately things have been a little crazy around here-I'll be getting back to school in three weeks, I can't believe it! Hopefully I'll have some time before it starts to spend working on the things I want to blog about!

An inspiration board I made a while ago

August 05, 2008


Balenciaga booties, BCBG skirt, Cadillac seat belt, Sid Viscious tee, a little Manic Panic
Mom hasn't seen it yet but it washes out so no big

AND TECHNICALLY I'm not cheating on the shoe challenge because it is 1 AM right now so officially I'm in the green to bust out these Balenciagas.


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