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August 20, 2008

My new Tom Binns floral cuff

For the last year (or two?) I've been totally in love with the series of cuffs Tom Binns designed with the faux crystal flower motifs, and I am extremely excited to have one now! They reminded me a bit of some of the jewelry little Edie (of Grey Gardens fame) used to wear. I appreciate really heavy jewelry and this cuff is nice and weighty. Wearing it kind of feels like you stuck your fist through a disco ball-it throws little rainbows of light everywhere you go.

Today I wear it with a J. Crew t shirt, Marni heels, and a Dries van Noten skirt my mother purchased in 89 and has handed down to me! The more I wear this skirt the more I love it...it is one of the most special pieces of my wardrobe. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this all the time this winter-I am getting into really long skirts.


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Photo of gnarlitude jen

Tom Binns jewelry is so amazing. That is such an epic find.
(I could totally see Little Edie wearing it as well!)

Photo of Jenni

I love it! Your taste in jewelry is amazing. You should do a post entirely on it. I am thinking about buying that Antonio Palladino ring you have but I'm not sure because I don't know what it looks like up close. Do you think you can take a couple of close-up pictures of it and send them to me? I would be eternally grateful.

Photo of candid cool

that skirt is really precious.

Photo of Marie

That skirt is gorgeous! You should take some pictures of your closet, im sure it is such a dream!

Photo of Nying

It's like School-Girl Chic to the Nth power!

Photo of kayli

wow, i just found your blog and completely read from the last post to the first :) you have an amazing style and great taste in shoes!! just wanted to say hii and that this is a great blog!! the cuff is gorgeous :)


Photo of gj

hey, been reading your blog for some time now, my daily read! :)
i think that you have got superb taste in fashion, or rather your personal style! well done!!

Photo of Cecilia

Your outfit is beautiful! Did you see the cover of the most recent WWD accessories magazine (I think it was most recent!) ... the model is wearing a huge cuff similar to yours! Totally blinged out!

Photo of Ammu

Gorgeous cuff - Tom Binns is a genius! I love how you rock tees and sweatshirts - and you have convinced me to start wearing my crazier heels more often - nothing jazzes up a simple outfit like a pair of insanely high shoes.

Photo of Queen Lazy

The cuff is beautiful! I like your long skirt too, I think I need one to wear with flat boots this winter.

Photo of waxy

you look gorgeous, as always!

Photo of Doe Deere Blogazine

A skirt from 1989? I'm impressed! :D

Doe Deere Blogazine

Photo of Becca

that cuff is amazing. Gorgeous! I love the long skirt as well - what a great piece to have handed down!

Photo of Nubby

I love the simplicity of your outfit!

Photo of marsha

so effin chic.

Photo of Mode Damour

love love love your outfit !

Photo of Daiane

you look great! i love how you styled the skirt!

Photo of Sammy Doll

Oh, i simply adore those cuffs! Did you purchase it at Last Call NM? I was very close to buying myself one there a couple weeks ago!

Btw- i finally got my blog up and rolling, have a look if you like.. have been posting my summer designer shoe finds lately! (there have been SO many amazing sales!!) :O)

Photo of Jess!

Gorgeous cuff. Tom Binns is brilliant!

Photo of Ewelyn

Hi! I just have to say that you got a very beautiful style and i love the skirt!

/Ewelyn from Sweden.

Photo of martha

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1i love this look. i have a h&m long skirt that i bought from ny a few months ago but i never know what to wear it with. now i see i'm thinking too much. a simple v neck is perfect. thanks for the insiration. i'll post my outfit on my blog tomorrow. i can't wait to try it

Photo of katie

As always, you're such a great dresser. I like when younger girls aren't afraid to wear long skirts. It's just a cool look to pull off! Who are you on tFS if you don't mind me asking?

Photo of william shatner
william shatner August 23, 2008 at 05:05 PM

great outfit! i like how it's simplicity really allows your cuff to shine. could we see a detail shot of the skirts waist? i'm squinting at the picture trying to make it out. your shoes, as ever, are fabulous.

Photo of ileana mercado

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