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August 05, 2008


Balenciaga booties, BCBG skirt, Cadillac seat belt, Sid Viscious tee, a little Manic Panic
Mom hasn't seen it yet but it washes out so no big

AND TECHNICALLY I'm not cheating on the shoe challenge because it is 1 AM right now so officially I'm in the green to bust out these Balenciagas.


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Photo of william

I was *so* about to ask you on facebook why you were breaking the challenge - but I thought I should wait for you to post instead. The blue looks great partially hidden in the inside layers of your hair.

Photo of Maria

Loving the blue hair! You're the cutest ever.

Photo of gulsen

a few weeks ago i discovered this blog and really loved it. however, is it only me that can never see the photos neither with ie nor mozilla firefox? so without the photos my experience of sea of shoes is not so fun. can you please check if there is any problem with your system or is it me having some kinda technical things?


Photo of Farren

i love the manic panic! and the belt! i've actually got that one! =) i thought it was so clever.

Photo of July

Wow, your ebay elephant belt is just incredible! I absolutely adore it ...

Photo of Caroline

i want to dos omething like that to my hair but in an electric purple and just do a single strand under my hair. is that product any good?

Photo of Queen Lazy

Love this outfit! The skirt works really well on your figure!

Photo of cindy

i love this outfit and, MANIC PANIC! remember the silver hair episode?! :P hahahaha.

Photo of ema

ah finally !
I much prefer you this way.
but you must definitely make a statement about this shoe challenge

Photo of the missing piece

I love the skirt and the belt. =)

Photo of Dollface

Love the hair. If your mom OK's it, you should try it out for a while. It's fun to experiment.

Photo of Caitlin

"i wanna dye my hair blue" (its a song)
in looove with the shoes and the belt-how funky

Photo of Catherine

You look like my little sister and dress like a model, I wish I'd been so confident and stylish at 16. I bet your next ebay purchase that if you show your mother the hair while wearing that outfit she won't mind even slightly. :)

Photo of nicole

love the belt. very detroit rock city, my hometown!

Photo of Doe Deere Blogazine

Hi sweetie! I'm a big fan of your blog - not only your taste in shoes is superb, but you are also a great writer. :)

Come check out my Blogazine sometime and let's be friends! :)

Photo of Yi

Helloo from england!
Just wanted to say I adore your style. Loove those balenciaga boots. Love love!

Photo of Saree Elias

hahahahaha AMAZING! :) (K) kisses

Photo of WendyB

The blue hair is fun!

Photo of Amelia

Caroline RE: ManicPanic,

i want to direct you to miss Gala Darlings blog, an avid hair colorist. She wrote a very informative article about your options when it comes to unnatural hair color.


Photo of ignoranceisabliss

Your hair looks so fun and cute!

Photo of Shauna

Love the skirt and shoes!

Photo of kara

hey jane - i have a question for you. you're the only person i 'know' who has the margiela open toe boots. i am considering getting a pair off of eluxuary. they are mint green and they are the ankle version. they look awful uncomfortable with that strap across the toe but i reallly want them - so i was wondering how do they feel to walk in? are they do-able?

ps - great outfit, love the punk look and those shoes are awesome!!

Photo of guest

If you can't spell Sid Vicious right then maybe you shouldn't be wearing a shirt with him on it

Photo of Lua

Ahh, I love those shoes to death! What I would give for a couple hundred bucks to blow on heels...
The blue is great, too! If your mom is okay with it, maybe you should go for something permanent? Experimenting with your hair is so much fun, I change mine whenever I get bored :]

Photo of jane

thanks so much for the (nice) comments! Kara, the margielas are higher than you'd probably expect and are a little teetery to walk in-the knee high version is easier than the short version.

Photo of Noisy

You sure know how to rock an outfit !!!
I really love the punk style with the blue hair, it's so fun !

Photo of Annie Spandex

Regarding the guest's comment, I don't think Sid Vicious gave much of a shit about spelling. Just sayin!
And the blue hair streak was a little shocking but I like it. xo

Photo of Frances

I love the hair, too! I color my hair every three months. I've been every color except green and blue and pink. My husband thinks it's cool. He says, "It's like having a different woman every three months!" Sicko but cute!

Photo of cherrie

i'm sure you've been told this a million times over, but you look like a spitting image of jacinda barrett.

your blog has quickly become one of my new favorites - so inspiring!


Photo of Meaghan

Kara, I highly doubt Sid Vicious would care how someone spelled his name. Keep you pedantic snarking to more relevant discussions. Jane, you're fabulous.

Photo of Isabelle

oh,love love the blue in your hair ....
and the elephant belt on the dries dress on a previous post I m big fan of dries VN and you wear it really well and you are still soooo young ...AH!

Photo of Vicki

Jane, it would be great if you put pictures of school and college outfits! What do you think??
Lov you blog!

Photo of kara

excuse me meghan, but it was not me who made the spelling comment. i never spell anything right anyway...

Photo of shoebox

That´s a great outfit! Loving every bit of it!

Photo of Jamie

LOVE it!
Those shoes are amazing and your outfit is so much fun!

Photo of Nubby

Love the look! It's fun to watch how versatile you can be with your clothing styles...

Photo of Catherine

I love the blue!! :) it looks great!

Photo of griff'troc

Great skirt!

I love your blog, can you add me to your blog list

Photo of Lisa F

those shoes are like to die for.
no seriously, did you have to kill someone to afford them?

Photo of Le Fashion

GIRL! I am in love with your style! That blue is done in such a sophisticated way:)

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