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July 16, 2008

Wearing the sweatshirt

Yesterday: the afformentioned Dries van Noten skirt handed down to me by my mom, Marni shoes, the sweatshirt
Today: vintage Levi's, Miu Miu heels, a borrowed Omega Seamaster, the sweatshirt again
Another post to come soon, my days are busy lately!


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Photo of Alex

you look gorgeous in the left pic,and the DVN skirt is great too

Photo of Lady Smaggle

It amazes me how you manage to make that skirt look so funky. I would look like such an old lady in it. You look fanastic darling!

Photo of Exception

Oh my word! I love those outfits on you! I have to find out how much effort it will take to get an AA sweathsirt to Australia.
It's not limited to just this post, the outfits in the previous post are also stunning! I'm so glad I linked you.

Photo of Annie Spandex

Oh, I see what you mean! I would only add an extra long chain necklace. :)

Photo of VIPGirlStyle

hey there! your collection of shoes are amazing! i also have a fashion blog called VIPGirlStyle.. if you would like to exchange links let me know! xoxo

Photo of Masquerade

Hi, just got myself a blog but I've been reading yours for ages. You and your mum sort of remind me of me and my own. Your style is absolutely amazing and the shoes... the shoes, i've never known someone to wear shoes the way you do, fantastic!

masquerade :http://masquerade-hidingbehindthemask.blogspot.com/

Photo of chauss

love the vintage jeans!!!!!!!!!!1

Photo of chauss

love the vintage jeans!!!!!!!!!!1

Photo of crispy

i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes on the right.. the Miu Miu I believe.... I saw them at Loehman's and shyed away because I am 5'7 and not a petite frame, I don't think i am ready for clunky heels. but they are gorgeous on you!

Photo of karen

jane i love your sweatshirt may i know whos it buy love it !

Photo of Marina

Grey sweatshirt always looks good with anything!
I love first pic-great skirt!

Photo of Ammu

I never thought a sweatshirt could look so chic! You look fantastic - I especially love it with the Dries skirt - super!

Photo of nicole

I'm a huge fan of the raglan pullover. I actually just got it in gray and orchid a few days ago. I'm excited to see how you put it with more unexpected things.

Photo of punky

perfect as always.
I <3 vintage jeans.

Photo of fashionispoison

Jane you are absolutely adorable. I love how unique and beautiful you are. The AA shirt is definitely one of the most versatile pieces to own! I got the gray one, too and kind of want to try the black one.


Photo of Jenny

I love the combination with that elegant Dries skirt, it looks great on you!

Photo of Cupcakes and Cashmere

i'm amazed at how versatile that one sweatshirt can be. looks great in both pictures and i love how you paired it with the heels! care to trade links?


Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

oh wow, that skirt is beautiful!

Photo of Noisy

This sweat looks amazing with the skirt !
And how cute do you look ? I love the happy faces

It seems strange but I hope I could wear a sweatshirt. Tired of the tropical strange weather of Florida !

Photo of Victoria

What size did you buy in the AA sweatshirt? I've been lusting over it for a few months now but can only order online as AA shops are hard to come by in England - but we look a similar size so I was hoping you could help me out, thanks x

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