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July 31, 2008

The results are in-Day One of the Shoe Challenge

This morning over coffee and tea mom and I tallied up the votes for the shoe challenge-

For me- 1st place was my baby pink patent Givenchy pumps and coming in 2nd place was my mustard yellow patent Dries van Noten sneaker wedges.

and for mom-1st place was her black studded Burberry platforms and in 2nd place was her canvas and leather Bruno Frisoni booties.

this post is a little rushed because we are without water due to a plumbing mishap and the power is flickering on and off...

But we're going to jump right into the challenge and show you how we're wearing our challenge shoes for a quick outing of lunch and errands.

My mom is wearing her Burberry platforms with her Hysteric Glamour jeans and Miss Sixty tee.

and today I am wearing my Givenchy pumps with a tie dye slip dress I got at Urban Outfitters, a handknit vintage mohair sweater I got at a thrift store, and chunky gold chains. Gotta include a close up of these shoes-

(sweet bruise, Jane!) These shoes are not the most comfortable shoes...to put it mildly, they kill. (this means a lot coming from me, I have an extremely high pain threshold when it comes to fabulous shoes)Hence why they haven't gotten much wear-but they are one of my most prized posessions-I've started to get used to walking in them since wearing them today.

Will update you guys again tomorrow! Thank you so much to the readers who participated it means a lot-you guys make it a lot of fun for me and my mom! :)


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Photo of Hannah

Hi Jane,
those shoes rock!
btw. what are you drinking in this picture? looks quite tasty :D
greetings from Germany!


Photo of Constance

I'm soooo sad that the shoes readers picked are not my favourite. But that's the game.
But those givenchy pumps are crazy-high !!!!!
Good job.

Love from France, Constance

Photo of Ms Constantine

Wow those shoes are high! They look very painful. Must take mad skills to walk in them. lol.

Photo of Annie Spandex

I love how edgy your mom's look is. She must be one of the coolest moms ever...

Photo of Sabrina

Those shoes LOOK incredibly painful. The slope is almost vertical! But they're fabulous :)

Photo of kelly

saw this and thought of you. shes such a style icon.... guess that means you are too!

Photo of megan

ow painful (but fabulous) shoes. also, i loved your last post! i am linking you so i can check back for more inspiration

Photo of Feather

As usual, you both look fantastic. Judy, I love love love your whole outfit! -- Jane, I hope you're considering a career as a fashion / accessories editor - The fashion world could certainly use such a wonderful, innovative mind when it comes to fashion!

Photo of william

I saw those Givenchy pumps on sale online at Barneys for $175 a few months ago and was tempted to get them; the thick heel and semi d'Orsay styling is really unique. Your look is so grown up and your hair looks lovely!!

I assume these are the same height as your lace up Givenchy shoes, either 110mm or 120mm? Pumps that high are always challenging for me because they slip off so easily, I imagine the lace ups are much more secure and comfortable.

Photo of ami

hi jane! i love your outfit with the Givenchy pumps. very chic :)

i love your blog. i just found it yesterday via camille. i've been reading your archives like crazy since yesterday. amazing collections! <3

Photo of Raych

Wow, I didn't realize how steep those Givenchy's are! They look GREAT on you though. No pain, no gain.

Photo of pungster

ITA with Ms Constantine, you mom is uber cool. How I wish I had her figure, panache and elegance. Your outfit looks great, as usual. And your shoes?? I can't imagine how you can survive an hour in those! I suggest packing an extra pair of flipflops just in case...

Photo of krista

Hi, this shoe challenge is a very nice idea! And I love love LOVE your mum's outfit in this post! Those shoes of hers are so pretty. Not that your outfit is any less lovely though I'm not a big fan of light-coloured pumps... But you both, keep going like this, I love your blog :)

Photo of Shauna

the Givenchy pumps definitely look painful. love the shoe challenge.

Photo of chauss

jane, shoes look great with your outfit.

judy, you look fabulous. love the shoes and LOVVVE the jeans,ahhhhhhhhh.

Photo of shoebox

I love the Burberry studded shoes!
And your shoes are crazy high! I don´t think I could pull them off.

Photo of FayDaway

You too look great in these pictures. Jane, I agree your shoes do seem painful, but they're very pretty. And Judy, I'm so fond of Burberry shoes, these are no exception.

Photo of Carolina

I can almost feel the pain of those Givenchy heels. Poor paws!

Photo of ema

I didn't like the givenchy and wanted to know if it was possible to do something with them.
still not a big fan ! sorry jane !

Photo of yan

I don't like to use the F word often, BUT your mom is FIERCE in that pic, the entire outfit screams American Chic - jeans , teesh, and killer heels...wow wow.
And what makes it so amazing is that we all know that not every mom can pull this off!!!!

Photo of mediababe

Your mom is such a rockstar, I loooove her outfits. She has inspired me (and you have too!) to rework all the neglected pieces in my closet. There's gotta be a reason why I own half a dozen pairs of boots! (and I live in the tropics)

Photo of Marcus

This has been the cutest freaking thing EVER, Jane.

Photo of grace

I wish more girls like you and your mom would shop at the boutique I work at. It's more fun shopping and wardrobing women with good style and women who aren't afraid to take risks. As a lover of all things fashion, I must tell you what you already may know: You're really fortunate to have a mother who appreciates fashion and has the means to have her daughter enjoy it as well. Anyways, I'm loving your style. Keep rockin those shoes and clothes since I'll be visiting your blog on a daily basis :) ciao bella

Photo of Alie

wow i love that UO dress!!!!!!!

Photo of Laura

Wow! You and your mom and sister have such great style!! So effortless!!! I'm in awe!! I wish I dressed like you when I was a teenager! Love all of your outfits!!!

Photo of Eli

i love how you're mom is dressing a very edgey and young look and you are more conservative and classic :)

Photo of thatgirl!

those Givenchy are so hot. Your style is incredible. Do you eventually want to work in the fashion industry?

Photo of fashionispoison

FABULOUS Jane! The heel on your Givenchies look killer. The black ankle strap ones that your mom has and I got recently are painful to walk in, too. The shape of the heel is similar. Anything for beauty though right! Oh and Judy- very classy!

Photo of oklokok

ouch, now i feel bad for the models that had to walk in those

Photo of Hafiz

Hey there, I noticed your lovely lamp. Haha awesome!

Photo of Hafiz

Hey there, I noticed your lovely lamp. Haha awesome!

Photo of Jillian


How high is that heel it looks to be a good 5 inches! SO SLEEK!
I am not one for pink or anything similar but I LOVE the colour of that heel it's almost nude in colour I love it!

Photo of Poster Girl

I discovered your blog today and wow, I think you and your mom are so stylish! I'm a bit of a shoe addict myself, I really enjoy your inspiring photos, especially the bunny socks.

Photo of kristina

All i have to say is: Dr. Scholls gel inserts for the ball of the foot. They seriously work wonders and i cant last twice as long, sometimes 3x in whatever i put them in.

Photo of mOna

You guys' style is like a copy cat of MK and Ashley Olsen with a twist of SJP! I'd say I've seen 90% of your outfits with a slight variation on MK or SJP, they pull it off better because they're petite, and when the close are a bit frumpy the makeup and hair look flawless to balance the look!
But good job overall on the site, I've read about it on a french website about latest trends

Photo of sale shoes

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