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July 28, 2008

The Five Day Shoe Challenge-as selected by our readers-cast a vote for what shoes we have to wear!

Okay, so my mom and I did a 'three day' shoe challenge in which we selected two pairs of shoes for each other. We had to wear these shoes for three days-it forced us to wear shoes that were not getting the ammount of wears they deserve.

The challenge proved to be a great success and we both ended up coming up with some great ways to wear the 'challenge' shoes. When it was finished, we decided to do it again-only this time, we don't get to choose the shoes-if you're reading this, you should help us choose!

Here are my shoes-

and here are my mom's shoes-

and here are some more detailed pictures-

1. A pair of rafia Alaia platforms-stripper chic!
2. A pair of Chloe shoe boots
3. A pair of yellow patent Dries van Noten sneaker wedges

4. A pair of baby pink patent Givenchy's
5. Blue Comme des Garcons sandals with a painted wooden heel and sole
6. Taupe patent studded Alaia gladiator sandals

and now, mom's shoes

1. Red YSL Tribute heels 
2. Leopard ponyhair Prada mary-janes
3. Candy stripe Prada platforms

4. Studded Burberry platforms
5. Navy patent Lanvin platforms
6. Canvas and leather shoe booties by Bruno Frisoni

Okay-now it's up to you guys to vote on the shoes we have to wear-two pairs over the course of five days! If you want to vote, reply in a comment choosing one pair for me and one pair for my mom. Leave the number of the shoe of your choice (example, for Jane: #4, for Judy: #2) We will choose the first and second place shoes, respectfully.

I will post the results on Thursday-this challenge will be particularly difficult because we are going to a shoe consolidation sale on Wednesday-what if we find a fabulous pair that we are dying to wear? Oh well-I guess that's what makes it a challenge!

Comment now and leave your vote-thanks for reading as always! :)
Now I have a cooking class to attend-till next time!


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Photo of Jessica

I love your shoe collection

Photo of ann

Jane #4
Judy #6

Photo of suya

jane # 4
judy # 6

Photo of Laura

jane: 4
judy: 3

Photo of kat

Jane- #4
Judy- #4

Photo of Fashionispoison

omg i just died and went to shoe heaven. i really don't know which ones to pick. any will do!

Photo of Jessica

JANE PLEASE wear the pink Givenchys + nude Alaias! PLEASE PLEASEEEE

Photo of Yumiko

Jane: #3 then #2
Judy: #2 then #4

Photo of Reyna

Jane #1, Judy , #3!

Photo of b

Jane Number 4!!
Judy Number 4!!! (dying to see how you two style these - if they don't win perhaps they can be another post one time...)

Photo of karen

Jane: #6
Judy: #4

..from the Philippines with much love!<3

Photo of Erin

jane #3
judy #4

Photo of Erin

jane #3
judy #4

bet your readers from the Philippines suddenly spiked!

Photo of chauss

jane no3

judy no 4

Photo of merky

jane # 3
judy # 6

Photo of Cody

Jane - 6
Judy - 2

Photo of rubyg

Jane: #2, #3
Judy: #4, #6
Love your style; love your shoes!

Photo of pam

jane - #3 id like to see how you'll wear these
judy - #6 these are wonderful! :)

Photo of rayzy

jane #4

Photo of Ann

Hi! I love your blog!!!


Photo of farren

my vote!

jane - #5
judy - #4

i can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Photo of tanya

For Jane: #3

For Judy: #6

Ps. Jane, just a question out of interest, are you and your mom the same shoe size? My mom has tiny feet (size 5) and im a size 8 so i never get to share any of her lovely shoes :(

Photo of a

jane #3 judy#5

Photo of divasoria

jane #2
judy #4

btw, i LOVE your blog. you have an amazing shoe collection. i am green with envy!

Photo of Lindz

Jane #2
Judy #6

I want to see what you come up with!

Photo of yhjnteuyrjh

judY: 2

Photo of Brigitta

Jane= #4
Judy= #4

Photo of Cassandra

Jane#6 and #4
Judy #3 and #4

Great shoes! =) Exactly how many pairs of shoes do you guys have? just curious ;)

Photo of colleen

jane: #3
judy: #3

Photo of Maggie

Jane #3
Judy #4

Photo of maanlg

jane 2
judy 6
you and your mom are impressive & inspiring

Photo of maanlg

jane 2
judy 6
you and your mom are impressive & inspiring

Photo of Fay

Have a nice day

Photo of j_macguff

jane = #2
judy = #6

Photo of meg

jane #6
judy #1

Photo of Tamara

#6 Those Alaia's are gorgeous
#3 Dries Van Noten, not many could pull them off, but I know you'll do it

#4 Burberry Studs

Photo of Radina

Jane: #5
Judy: #6

Photo of ying

Jane: #6
Judy: #5

Photo of fan from the far east
fan from the far east July 29, 2008 at 01:39 AM

jane - 4 - challenge is not to look human in this very earthlingy pair

judy - 4

Photo of Dana

for jane: the studded alaias and the chloe shoe boots
for mom: the burberrys and the frisonis

Photo of Nicholai

Jane #3
Judy #6

Photo of Brooke

Jane, #4

Judy, #2

I think these would be very interesting, and somewhat different to your usual outfits :)
though I would love to see how judy got along all day in her #1's - ouch! but beautiful...
Love this blog, it is #1 on my daily blog list!

Love Brooke [sydney,australia]

Photo of nyel

jane - #6 and #1
judy - #2 and #4

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