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July 04, 2008

Favorite vintage pieces-part 1

A few nights ago my mom and I took some of our favorite pieces of vintage/thrifted clothing items to style-and took pictures! On Monday my mom and I went to a Goodwill that has unsually high volume of vintage asian jackets, which sort of fit into the luxe robe look that I posted about a few posts back. I've been working these pieces around a Fall 07 Miu Miu skirt that I got at our Neiman's outlet during a sale. I wish I had up-close pictures of the fabric (it's so cool!) but I just sent it to the tailor to be taken in a little.

Thrifted satin coat, H&M tank top, Miu Miu pleated skirt, Chloe shoeboot

Here mom is wearing her sixties studded Givenchy shift. It was a great find on eBay. She wears it over Hysteric Glamour jeans with Prada heels.

This angora sweater I'm wearing was about to be trashed by my mom's friend-it was rescued and bought to me and is now one of my favorite cold weather pieces. The angora is so luxe that it looks like a fur coat.

Worn with Miu Miu skirt, sequin tube top from UO, Margiela boots

Mom just got this vintage Chanel jacket from eBay-paired again with Hysteric Glamour jeans and Givenchy lace up heels.

Those are just a few of the things we tried on-later I hope to do another post full of my favorite vintage things-there are so many waiting to be worn in the back of my closet.

Happy Fourth of July to American readers!


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Photo of Saree Elias

I love the last look of your mom isss incredibleee! and i loveddd loveddd your first look :) happy 4 of July.


Photo of Annie Spandex

::stating the obvious:: You and your mom look so much alike!

Also, I love the first outfit best. It's clever how you balanced all the pale peachy colors with black accessories.

Photo of Kyle

Also stating the obvious, you and your mom look identical!

Love both your styles :)

Photo of julia:]

omg, you and your mom have great style, love your skirt, and your mom's chanel jacket

Photo of william

The Miu Miu skirt looks great and surprisingly versatile. I saw it on Net-a-Porter awhile ago; I believe it's some kind of jacquard?

Photo of great site

I adore you and your mum's style. I hope your mum keeps posting too! Such great outfits.

Photo of Christina

You and your mom look like the real life Serena & Lily Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl.

Photo of MoneyTuff

hey can your mom adopt me?

ps im sorry that i ever thought you stretched pictures

love her jacket


Photo of Kayla

...where can I find amazing vintage pieces like those on eBay?!

You and your mom both have such a knack for fashion, it's amazing. I love your new Asian-inspired jacket...how beautiful!

Photo of chauss

love all the fabulous pix...but the black givenchy peeptoes really did me in....................

Photo of smokey

hello, great fashion genes run in the family!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i really do need your mom's ebay luck! what finds!

Photo of R

This is such an awesome post, you and your mom both have amazing style. Jeez Im so jealous of your shoes and clothes haha

Photo of Hana

Love your outfits! That asian jacket is great :) My mum has a ton of them, perhaps I'll have a sift through her wardrobe soon!
I added you to my blogroll at http://velvetbows.blogspot.com


Photo of ying

the chanel jacket look so good on your mom!!!
i wish i have a mom cool like yours :)

Photo of lea

hi, i'm a swiss reader, and as a european girl, i ADORE your sophisticated looks and the labels are my favorites. the way you put things together is always elegant, you have a great taste. so chic!

à bientôt

Photo of Siya

I love your style!
These Margiela boots and the Miu Miu skirt are so cool.

Photo of Matt

These are some AMAZING pieces! I particularly adore your moms vintage Givenchy, and the entire outfit with the Chanel jacket.


Photo of Sojourner

You and your mom have GOT to be THE most fabulous mother-daughter pair EVER! I mean, seriously. I hope she makes more appearances on your blog! You both manage to have such an eye for style while still seeming really down to earth.

Photo of Miriam

Oh my..i love the Chloe-shoeboots! and you are so cute!!:)
big kiss

Photo of Alex

i love the combination of the miu miu skirt and the Margiela boots.

Photo of nicole

i must say, you and your mom are incredible dressers... im impressed

Photo of Juliette

It appears in your look#1 you've found a way to create a Carrie-inspired look with this great Asian style silk coat. Love the skirt! Love the coat

Photo of Ammu

You guys are so gorgeous! What style! Love all the outfits, the Givenchy shift is to die for, and I love how you have styled the angora cardigan - looks utterly fabulous!

Photo of Marina

Amazing pair!i love how you wear vintage and modern designers!I love your outfit with Margiela boots. My fav

Photo of fashionispoison

I JUST got those Givenchy booties!!! Waiting for them to arrive...patiently sort of. Haha. I just hope they fit! Linking you coz you're so awesome!

Photo of Fashionispoison

hi hon! i have a Q about the givenchy shoes on your ridiculously fashionable mom! i'm US 8 and just got a pair of 9s off barneys...wondering how they run..thanks!

Photo of Dana

I especially love the givenchy slips and the angorra sweater!
My mom also loves Chanel and tweeds in general, but she doesn't have your mom's figure (shhhh don't tell her I said that!)

Photo of giancinephile

Fashion runs in the family!

Photo of Eimear

Hi! Ijust love your style, its so effortless and tres chic.
I was just wondering what is the name of the glasses you are wearing?

Photo of melly

You pulled off that Asian jacket so impeccably, there's a million ways of looking like a complete idiot in that but you, you shine!

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