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July 29, 2008

a quick outfit post :)

Dries van Noten marble slip dress, mom's old russian wedding skirt, Prada lace up open toe booties, and a thrifted cardigan

Miss Sixty cape (got it like four years ago!!), vintage Levi's, Margiela boots


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Photo of tb

additionally, i love to see that your outfits usually revolve around your shoe choice. you are demonstrating my belief that no matter what you're wearing, the shoes can transform your look. one of my style idols for shoes is kate lamphear, the fashion director at us elle!

Photo of Feather

Jane - I can't tell you how fantastic those Margiela sandal boots are on you!! I love them with jeans!!!

Photo of fashinfag

keep on keeping on, soldier. ;)

Photo of annapaterno

your face is so adorable and your fashion suits you perfectly. I crush your style...and your shoes.

Photo of July

I absolutely love the Dries Van Noten paint splattered effect dress: it's gorgeous, especially teamed with your mum's wedding skirt!

Photo of Ella

I just love your outfit posts!
you are a gorgous looking girl and are extremely photogenic have you ever considered modeling?

Photo of tanya

russian peasant bride :)

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i dont know how u do it, but u always look amazing!!!
and i cant imagine those boots belonging to anyone else but you.

Photo of ignoranceisabliss

This would look insane on someone else but you always pull it off so effortlessly. <3

Photo of hazel

Margiela boots is still one of my fav of your shoes~

Photo of Inês

I love the last outfit! the cape with the margiela boots it's fab

Photo of hanna

I'm in love with the first outfit!so beautiful...

Photo of shinylittlethings

That Dries dress really is insanely cool! You wear it so creatively.


Photo of lola

wow you really blow me away with those outfits, not anyone could pull those off! especially someone that young! btw how tall are you exactly, the heels are confusing me =)

Photo of Lauren

love both outfits, and love your hair in the first picture!

Photo of Lauren

love both outfits, and love your hair in the first picture!

Photo of jayne

wow! that top outfit is amazing! i love the combination of your mother's wedding skirt, a trendy dress, and very 19th century shoes! pure genius!

Photo of Jamie

I like following this blog and you do have great taste, but you age yourself quite a bit with your clothing.

Photo of Jillian

You look amazing especially in that second outfit! You look almost like a superhero in it!

P.S. I still think you should WEAR ALL the shoes for your next shoe challenge!

Photo of jessica

1st outfit=amazing!!! so creative your layering is!

Photo of Nylon

I just love those Margiela boots and your style.

Photo of Nylon

I just love those Margiela boots and your style also!

Photo of sardinedubassin

Trop belle cette robe de peinture, trop belles les chaussures ! J'adore !
What a nice dress and shoes, I Love it !

Photo of Annie Spandex

Inspired! Amazing.. You're such a style genius.

Photo of hardliquorsoftholes

those levi's always look so good.


WOW those boots are HOT! your blog is so cute and i love your posts..!!

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Photo of fashion

omg where did you get those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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