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June 18, 2008

Rick Owens and Michelle Lamys' Paris apartment

Hanajibu from StyleZetigeist scanned these and now I'm stealing them...an exciting look into supercouple Rick Owens and Michelle Lamy's lives:

From Taschen's New Paris Intereriors, photographed by Xavier Bejot.


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Photo of belle

Even his apartment is badass!

Photo of emilie

I love that stool, it looks like it's going to walk away.

Photo of shesdressingup

I think I may have to become a squatter in their apartment!

Photo of Annie

How very barbaric.

Photo of camille

the interior decor is wonderous. i would love to live in an apartment similarly furnished. btw, did you read that new yorker article on rick owens? it was very interesting.

Photo of JZ

I'm not one to complain about the use of animal furs etc. but the stool in the last photograph is incredibly repulsive :-/

Everything else in his apartment is very chic though :)

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

wow. i love their tables!!

Photo of william

Barbaric is a good way of describing the decor in his home; it's like a modernized neanderthal cave - I really like it. The cold, sharp lines of the furniture contrast perfectly with the furs and antlers.

Photo of Sunni

i hope the stool is a by-product of road kill or something similar...

otherwise, yep, this is amazing. indeed it looks like modernised caveman dwelling.

Photo of tindi-rindi

It looks fantastic - I mean how a style can come so clean. Though I wouldnt like myself to live in this apartment. And those fur boots are insane, <3 them :)

Photo of Sophie

I nearly threw up my dinner. My vegan dinner.

Photo of July

Absolutely incredible! Love it ...

Photo of Tamar

throwing up goes for me too - talk about a warm dish of animal cruelty..

Photo of Anonymous

Very cold, extremely contrived - beyond pretentious. I can't believe these people conceive of (and reside in) that place as a "home". But then again, perhaps it is design (not merely publication) that is the auction of the mind.

Photo of uppergeorgetowner
uppergeorgetowner June 29, 2008 at 11:53 PM

I wonder if Michelle Lamy is still designing? In the 80's I was a buyer for a junior chain and used to love traveling to LA so I could go to the factory store and buy her great stretchy knit dresses and skirts at sample sale prices. I wish I still had those!!

Photo of lulu

its so barren and unwelcoming.....not reallly into it...

Photo of Poppy

This pretentious use of dead animals for decoration is making me re-think all I ever liked about Rick Owen designs.

Photo of Steroids

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