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June 06, 2008

Plane outfit-

You always want to wear your boots on the plane so you don't have to pack them-I'm bringing my new Chloe boots that I've been wearing non-stop!

I wear an old lace slip dress I got at Anthropologie a few years ago-still one of my favorite things to wear! The two scarves both have arm holes-I got them in Tokyo but I've never worn them together. I kind of like it. One is mesh and covers one of my arms...I can also wear it as a shrug! The watch and silver jewelry I stole from my mom for this picture! and the boots are Chloe.

Today I am also wearing an extremely special gift my mom got for me as a graduation present/celebration-of-many-good-things-that have-been-going-on present....it's an Antonio Palladino silver octopus ring. When we were in San Francisco we discovered his jewlery for the first time and were absolutely floored by his designs (look him up to see his alligator bracelet and the crab cuff-they are absolutely stunning) I am not normally the kind of girl who gets excited about jewelry-glitzy gems bore me. But this makes a statement-octopi have always been a lifelong obsession of mine and are sort of my signature  'thing' I guess. (I adore marine biology-seriousley!) I'm going to wear this ring forever-it's just the perfect thing for me! I'm so happy about it!


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Photo of gnarlitude jen

Palladino is wonderful. I saw that ring a while back at Barneys and was fawning all over it.

Photo of camille

you look great! i expecially love those scarves and your watch. have a safe flight. :)

Photo of rachael

the ring is beautiful!

Photo of Alex

that ring if adorable! and those sleeve/ scarf things are pretty cool looking too!

Photo of chaussurewhore@yahoo.com
chaussurewhore@yahoo.com June 06, 2008 at 05:12 PM

that ring is absolutely breath taking!!!!!!!! enjoy.

Photo of shesdressingup

Lovely lace slip and amazing ring!

Photo of Alex

that ring if adorable! and those sleeve/ scarf things are pretty cool looking too!

Photo of Ammu

Gorgeous dress - the colour looks lovely on you. Have a safe flight!

Photo of Gaia M

omg. Jane, the ring is incredible. It's rare to find jewelery this nice. I don't wear jewelery at all. I have one ring, that's all. But I LOVE finding new rings like this. Gorgeous!

Photo of Vix

That ring is breathtaking <3

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

always great and unique style.
and that ring is such a gem!

Photo of Beka

That is an incredible ring! It's so unique.

Photo of edrick

imagine eating pizza with that ring ;-D

Photo of Amy Williams

That ring is so perfect!

Photo of Pamcasso

i love that ring! amazing!

Photo of WendyB

That's an awesome ring. You should check out my blog for my non-glitzy jewels.

Photo of Eli

You might like these pieces too: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5260408 (not my shop!)

Photo of emily

that ring is so great. where can i find another?Please let me know!
i wear an octpus ring too, from kimberly baker jewelry i think you would love it too.

Photo of Laia

Beautifully unusual ring.

Photo of carlos

its beautiful but i havent seen it posted in any of your outfits sense.

DAMN that ring costs $1040

Photo of Jane

^geez, i just didn't want to bring it to Mexico (where I JUST got back from) because I wouldn't want to lose it. thanks for jumping on my case about it though!



I am also crushing on your Chloe boots!

Photo of sam

Did you graduate from high school? Because if so, it would be nice if you knew how to spell "seriously." Seriously.

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