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June 16, 2008

I'm done with dressing for this lifetime

its all about preparing for the year 5328 guys


Seriousely, you know those days when you just want to dress like an alien? Like you do not belong to planet earth? The days when you've spent hours in front of the mirror, figuring out your ensemble, only to come to the realization that the only thing that will bring your look up to level 1000 is a set of eight legs with tentacles??

Have I ever mentioned how very much I love Beyonce

June 14, 2008


Ahh, sorry for having been such a crappy blogger. I've been negligent. Between catching up with my old friends and enjoying the sun (finally) for the past two days, I haven't been home that much. Did take the time to snap two outfit photos.

Proportion of Blu jeans, Hanes tank, mom's old necklace, gladiator Alaia sandals


Society for Rational Dress jumpsuit, H&M halter top, same Alaias

I'll try to get back into the swing of blogging! :P

June 09, 2008

today's inspiration board

June 08, 2008

Rainy days...

So as soon as we arrived the rainy season started...which means that it will probably rain throughout the afternoon everyday during my stay here! The street outside my house becomes a miniature wave pool even if it just drizzles...so I'm stuck hanging around here today.

I'm obsessed with the satin chinese jacket I got from a thrift store in Texas...I've been wearing it inside out, upside down, right side up, it's crazy what you can do with this thing! Here I wear it with my Y-3 skirt and Marni flats.

Missing home-hey mom! :)

June 06, 2008

5 lessons in style



Plane outfit-

You always want to wear your boots on the plane so you don't have to pack them-I'm bringing my new Chloe boots that I've been wearing non-stop!

I wear an old lace slip dress I got at Anthropologie a few years ago-still one of my favorite things to wear! The two scarves both have arm holes-I got them in Tokyo but I've never worn them together. I kind of like it. One is mesh and covers one of my arms...I can also wear it as a shrug! The watch and silver jewelry I stole from my mom for this picture! and the boots are Chloe.

Today I am also wearing an extremely special gift my mom got for me as a graduation present/celebration-of-many-good-things-that have-been-going-on present....it's an Antonio Palladino silver octopus ring. When we were in San Francisco we discovered his jewlery for the first time and were absolutely floored by his designs (look him up to see his alligator bracelet and the crab cuff-they are absolutely stunning) I am not normally the kind of girl who gets excited about jewelry-glitzy gems bore me. But this makes a statement-octopi have always been a lifelong obsession of mine and are sort of my signature  'thing' I guess. (I adore marine biology-seriousley!) I'm going to wear this ring forever-it's just the perfect thing for me! I'm so happy about it!

June 03, 2008

Today's outfit

So many outfit posts lately-I would put more effort into this blog but I've been enjoying hanging out with my mom and sister again. We've spent the last three days doing girly shit like shopping, watching SATC, trying on clothes, reading 1970's Vogues, strutting around in our new Alaia's to the Hercules and Love Affair album- it's the best! I have to enjoy my time with them while it lasts-on Friday I'm going to my dad's place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico...I'm excited to see my old friends there and relax for a while, but I'll miss doing the things I do during the summer here! Hopefully my temporary displacement won't interrupt my blogging-I'll still try to update as often as I can. I'll be there for two and a half weeks.

Today we had a delicious lunch at a Spanish restaraunt that's right next to our favorite boutique Fourty Five Ten, where we browsed and shopped for a while.

I wear an Ann Demeulemeester jacket and vest, an old Gap tee, Levi's cut-offs, a Y-3 bag, and my favorite ever Chloe boots!


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