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June 29, 2008

7 songs of summer

I was tagged by Rosie of La Mode Vogue...to choose my seven favorite songs of summer!

1. SORRY PARTY by Tickley Feather

2. AVALON by Roxy Music
All time favorite album for the summer-Avalon is a great song. Reminds me of summer hangouts with your friends.

3. NEW VIOLENCE by White Williams
Hella peppy and sorta dancy-I have a huge crush on White Williams.

4. EVERYBODY DAYLIGHT by Brightblack Morning Light
Well, I would choose this whole album but I can only choose one song...sloooow and steady and kinda groovy.

Makes me happy to be alive...such a cool sound, I missed the chance to see them in Dallas recently and I was super bummed.

6. CHEREE by Suicide
Breathy sexy innocent and manic-I LOVE SUICIDE!

7. BABY by Os Mutantes
Not really typical of Os Mutantes sound but so so so summery.


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Photo of b.

props for mentioning roxy music and os mutantes. good to know people still listen to good music.

Photo of legyviel

Very nice choices. By the way love your Prada booties, could you tell me how they run size wise? I'm eyeing a pair in black on ebay and yours make me want to get those even more! xxx

Photo of belle

great choices! and yeah coveting your new shoes, as usual. also, did you hear about the CDG and LV collaboration? So excited! What are your thoughts?

Photo of Annie Spandex

Roxy Music, Os Mutantes, OH yes...

Photo of anna

suicide is so wonderful!
yet totally under appreciated in most circles

Photo of Sarah

Great music choices, Yeasayer is amazing.

But White Williams is a total sleaze and def. not crush-worthy. After a show, he approached me and flat out asked me if I would meet him in the bathroom. And I don't think it was because he needed sanitary napkins...

Photo of Loretta

The french girl again..just wanted to say i like the songs & i've been readind your blog all long. Amazing!
Hope you don't mind if i add you at facebook.

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It's a good list, absolutely. I think WAITING FOR THE SUMMER is the best, and that song make me feel young again, every time I heard the song, comes to my mind a lot of memories.

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