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May 04, 2008

whats inspiring me, take 5


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Photo of Amanda

I totally love Spirited Away!

Photo of enc

This is a nice collage. I like the black bootie at left.

Photo of Catherine

Hope you aren't scared/offended, but I drew a sketch of you using your Russian wedding skirt!


I've been trying to practice drawing hands and clothing, and when I checked my blogroll for inspiration, I thought the creases and ruffles in the skirt, along with your pose, were great for the task!

Photo of nycstyle

Hey, love your style! can you put together some cute spring/summer outfits with flats and heels for day? Here in NYC it gets so humid, and I find it a struggle getting ready for work with the heat. GASP!

Photo of jessica

tamagotchi !!
i love tamagotchi.
i've been looking for one ...


Photo of jane

(looove tamagotchis too! they were such a cool idea, i wish i still had mine...i loved when they turned into aliens after you fed them too much, haha)

Catherine-of course I don't mind! haha I'm honored to be sketched by such a talented artist-your drawing is great! :D cool stuff!

Nycstyle-i'll try to! it's already in the eighties here-I'm just not much of a flats person (i have very flat feet and heels are much more comfortable to me!) but I like pretty sandals...need to buy some new ones...

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