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May 02, 2008

What I wore today

Just yesterday I picked up this super cute jumpsuit at Target, it's part of their current (anonymous?) GO collection. I was so thrilled, I've always loved jumpsuits but it's hard to find sensible ones without too much cutsey detailing. This is one is very practical and I'm going to wear it to death! Last night I was experimenting with ways to wear it and came up with my Comme Des Garcons 'glove love' shirt as the perfect thing to slip over it. I like it because it's completely monochromatic. Most people didn't even see the gloves when I wore it today until they came up to talk to me! (this shirt causes something of a sensation whenevver I wear it, as do these shoes...everyone wants to touch the gloves!)

I am standing in front of my mom's shoe closet...I wish I had a such nice shelfing as she does!
and here are some detail shots of my outfit today;

Very fun outfit to wear, I just love my new find. It's inspired me to seek out more jumpsuits...it makes getting dressed so easy!

More posts to come later,


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Photo of stephanie

amaaaaaazing! love the combination of everything- you are so lucky to own that cdg top- seriously! so jealous.

Photo of nenuca

I love love love that shirt! It's so cute. If I saw someone wear that shirt I'd probably come up and touch the gloves too, hehe

Photo of Sabrina

I'm not the squealing kind of girl, but you have me squealing! Did you see my post about Daul Kim? I loved that CDG collection! You wear it so incredibly well!

Photo of strappingstudent

I've been lusting for a playsuit for ages. You look fantastic as always. And that CDG shirt is so cool.

Photo of Marina

Have no word to describe my fellings. So wonderful! As always great!

Photo of Fruchtzwerg

fantastic dress and your mom's shoes collection is to die!

Photo of tindi-rindi

veeery nice :) saw skirt by CDG with hands on hips going on ebay for <300$... it was sooo nice :) Your jacket makes me wanna cry for one :)

Photo of cindy

you never cease to amaze me! i love that you can mix cdg, marni, and target while keeping them all on the same beat.

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i havent checked out the new Go collection. Now im thinking i should. the CDG top looks great on u. You make it very wearable. And oddly enough those Marni shoes look comfortable.

and im drooling over your mother's shoe closet.

Photo of punky

you look amazing, I wish my mom was in to shoes.

Photo of Shen-Shen

Wow, I love that dress!

Photo of Meg

Your shoe collection is insane. I saw the hands shirt on the Sart's w/b a while back but I prefer the way you're wearing it, it's a lot more nonchalant than the previous lady who donned it with purple. It was a little much.

Photo of Lisa

i'm french girl i saw you in glamour .

I love your look. Do you want send me mail please ??

Photo of Ali

Any idea where I could find any glove piece from the CDG collection?

Photo of Michelle

you look fab even at the first time you started this blog . im really ALL of your old posts . enjoying it SOOOO MUCH !

keep up the great blogging Jane !

gListeRs & bListeRs

Photo of Mina

Freakiest thing I've ever seen and absolutely awesome!!

Photo of Molly Elizabeth

Hey Jane! What tool do you use to edit your pics? I love the way you make your collages. If anyone know, please respond(:

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