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15 posts from May 2008

May 30, 2008

Last day of my trip-

Today marks the last day of my stay in Bilbao-it´s been amazing but I´m so excited to get home. I miss my clothes and my shoes and my mom and my sister and my dogs...not to mention my own bed. I´ve been calling mom every day to talk about shoes and what she´s been wearing!! Can´t wait to get home to my own closet...there are a pretty new pair of Dries waiting for me too that I´ve been dying for!! I´ve seen the most stylish women during my stay here  too-the women in France were exquisite!

Sea of Shoes has been inundated by new viewers and all this new traffic caused my Photobucket account to stop working, but it´s been fixed! Expect new blog entries this weekend-I get in at 8:30 our time tomorrow.

Till then,


May 16, 2008

Sea of Shoes is taking a two week hiatus

I'm afraid I won't be updating Sea of Shoes for the time that I will be in Madrid and Bilbao with my school...we were forbidden to bring our laptops and judging from the itinerary, I'll hardly have any free time anyway. I'm excited to see Spain-never been before...I leave at 8 in the morning tomorrow!

Today I had the best time shopping at my favorite places with my mom and my sister again. Don't get me wrong-I love to shop with my friends-but no one else I know has patience (let alone enthusiasm) for trying on at least fifty pieces of Comme Des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, Y-3, etc. What a bonding experience, haha...well, everything we do together is a bonding experience. It's so fun living in an all-girl household- where you can watch 80's soap operas till 2 AM and play dress up around the clock...I don't know how I'm going to live without them for the next two weeks! I'll miss you so much, mom and Carol. and dad! :) (oh and my doggies too-Sash, Townsend, Staci, Norman, and Denise!)

Another thing I'll miss? BLOGGING!
You don't know how exciting it has been for a supressed fashionista living in BFE (srry) to have an outlet for her obsession. The response I've been getting is amazing and the recent increase in my hits is pretty shocking...thanks to all the new and regular readers for checking back! :) I know I don't always reply to my comments...I don't know if this is because I'm shy or because I'm busy...probably some of both. But I guess two weeks isn't that long to be away-I'm sure going to be glad to get home though.

So until then, yours truly and love always,

May 15, 2008

Shopping with Carol and Mom today...

(Marni dress, Stella McCartney vest, Chloe slingback heels)
More on my surprising finds later :)

May 14, 2008

I NEED these pants.

I found this photo via Sabrina at Professionally Trendy (one of my favorite ever blogs!!) of model Dual Kim(off duty). This outfit is mindblowingly perfect-the over the top shaggy coat, the legendary Marigela tabi boots, the off-kilter Y-3 hat...but those little pants, with slight flare that are just a little awkwardly short...those are INCREDIBLE! I can't stop thinking about them!

Dual has a blog (which is very cool... iliketoforkmyself.blogspot.com)...I'll try to ask her where she got them, though I think they could be CDG. I've been looking for a way to DIY this look by myself...maybe just find some work out pants and cut them off? I'll keep looking!

!!!-my finals are finally over

The last of my finals were today-now I'm free! :D It was practically one of the last days I'm going to spend in school! Saturday I'm off to Bilbao for two weeks-I'm really excited! I need to start packing soon :P

What I wore to celebrate tonight:

Thrifted 70's silk leopard shirt, Stella McCartney vest, Nudie jeans, Prada shoes
Awww these were my first pair of Prada's...still one of my favorite pairs of shoes! They used to feel so tall to me but now I find them quite easy to walk in, haha.

More to come, Jane

May 10, 2008

When I went shopping today in Dallas...

people were going crazy over my new (old) Dries van Notens!
I snagged them at our Neiman's outlet yesterday...it's in the middle of fashion no-where (Barney's is a 45 minute drive from my little town :P) and sometimes you can find AMAZING things sent from Bergdorf's....love these shoes so much. They were in one of my first Sea of Shoes posts, actually. What an unusual color!

Kind of sloppy, I know: grey cardigan from Gap, Levi's cut-off's, Hanes tank, Target gym socks!

Now I have a party to go too...hopefully I'll have outfit pics later. I look like a skank. O_O

May 08, 2008

Sea of Shoes is now SEAofSHOES.com!

Now you can visit my blog just by typing in 'seaofshoes.com'! No need for the .typepad.com!

Aren't you glad you don't have to type those seven extra pesky letters?

Thanks for visiting and thanks to the people who've linked me! :)

OBSESSION: Comme des Garcons SS08

I'm still obsessing over the spring 2008 CDG collection-Never has such a cacophony of randomness looked so good.  It looks like a magician abandoned his act and Rei Kawakubo masterminded every scrap of the leftovers into a genius collection. The petaled shirts and menswear tailoring combined with wacky hairstyle prints and structured yet frilly bloomers is a visual feast.
Comme des Garcons shoes are often overshadowed by the spectacular clothes...the shoes this season did not escape my eyes however. The strappy, clunky peeptoes and sandals in a variety of colors that belong in a Crayola box could be too juvenile and cutesy, but the sheer solidity and chunkiness of them keeps the look down to earth. Not to mention the fishnet socks are absolutely the perfect compliment to them. They were  on my top 10 list of best shoes for the season-but where does a girl get her hands on these shoes? Comme des Garcons shoes are not easy to come by. I ordered mine from Barney's on Madison and had them shipped here. I hate to play favorites but these could certainly be on the best pairs of shoes in my closet...
My dinosaurs make a guest appearance again! Check out the nails along the side of the shoe...what a great detail. The wood of the heel is quite shiny-and yes, in broad daylight the shoes really do look this blue. I can't resist the clomping noise they make either...makes me wanna dance ;P
Of course doing a post on them makes me want to wear them! I like to pair these shoes with Levi's cut-offs too..particularly a pair that is cut at a slightly awkward length to get a geeky/gawky look going on.
Lime green chiffon dress from Urban Outfitters, piano shawl from Emeralds to Coconuts, and a fat stack of bangles as well.
I wore them last week too, with cut-offs shorts and a cut-off mexican dress!
Phew....I've been wanting to share these shoes on the blog for a long time!
If I am slightly absent this weekeend it is because I am studying for finals...I'll be busy with that most of next week. I'm sad to say there will be a Sea of Shoes hiatus in the near future...on the 19th I am going to Bilbao for the exchange program my school is involved in. I'm very excited but I won't be able to bring my laptop for the TWO WEEKS that I am there. After that I'll be posting like a maniac trying to catch up ;P Just giving a heads-up.


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