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April 06, 2008

I had to dress 'casino' themed last night to a friend's party...I wasn't exactly sure what that entailed (never seen the movie, card games bore me) but I took it as a green light to put on an ostentatious disco dress and my favorite shoes...

(vintage dress, various bangles, Margiela shoes)

It turned out to be perfect for the occasion, everyone else was wearing black and white dresses too. Mine was just a little more 'disco slut' than everyone elses. The dress was bought on eBay from Paris, it's very nice quality but I don't recognize the designer.  I haven't worn it yet and was very excited to...for a teenage girl living (basically) in the middle of nowhere fashion-wise, it's a rare oppurtunity that you get to wear a pretty dress without looking like an overdressed wierdo!

In other related news, Mom and I are heading out to town to check out our favorite vintage boutiques and see what new is in at our favorite stores...more updates maybe tonight? depends on homework situation...


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Photo of tindi-rindi

LOVE the dress! :D It`s so wild and definately hard to wear without looking like a stone age barbie, but you pull it off so nicely and edgy ;)

Photo of calista

Very Cavalli! You look great

Photo of Sabrina

Hello! I wanted to give you Karma on thefashionspot (it's shutterbug) but I couldn't so I thought I'd post a message on your blog instead. I'm really in love with your style. This outfit is killer! I like it because there isn't a particular trend to identify, it's just genuinely a brilliant look :)

Photo of Jane

haha your comment cracked me up tindi-rindi..thanks guys! :) sabrina, <3 your blog!

Photo of Mej

can totally relate to this. in one of my recent entries i also put an outfit i wore to a las vegas themed party and i got to wear one of my vintage dresses and go ostentatious! i wish there are more parties like this though. just sharing. btw, i'm soooo in love with your style and it's really cool that there are two of you who post here - two fashionable women in one blog. what more can i ask for? i'm new to your blog, but i'll be dropping by regularly for new posts.;)

Photo of Jane

thanks for the comments guys :)
i wish there were more oppurtunities to wear nice dresses too, mej, everything is so informal now!
(haha i'm glad you like the blog, but there's only one girl posting (me)...mom adds her input and lets me take her picture sometimes but is extremely technologically impaired...she is still conquering scrollbars and my touch-mousepad)

Photo of ediot

beautiful dress and real well done collage

Photo of ediot

the second outfit is absolutely brilliant!

Photo of Ginger

I love those shoes you're wearing!

Photo of Brie

Yu look amazing as usual! do you ever wear flats?

Photo of lieben

Interessante Informationen.

Photo of Erin

I loooove this dress! It looked familiar when I saw it, then I realized it reminded me of a barbie dress from my mom when she was little! =) Anyways, I just love it! Also, I live in the middle of nowhere too...I have so many dresses I'd love to wear but I'm pretty sure that if I walked across campus in them, absolutely everyone would stare, and not in a good way. hehe. =)

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