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April 07, 2008

A favorite: Comme Des Garcons S/S 07

The jacket I'm wearing is from this collection, Mom spied it marked down during a big sale at a Neiman's outlet a few weeks ago. I'm so happy to have a piece of this collection, it's one of my favorite CDG collections of the 00's...later I will take pictures of the jacket, it has a detached collar and gorgeous tulle lining. If I could have another piece of this collection I would love that vinyl plastic jacket! The skirt I'm wearing is a tulle crinoline I got at one of my favorite vintage stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before I got this jacket I wore it with a grey denim biker jacket and my Sid and Nancy shirt to emulate this collection...which isn't something I do often but this was a look I couldn't resist...perfect combination of fragility and toughness...on a side note is so rare to see Rei Kawakubo allude to anything political in a collection, so the use of the japanese flag is very interesting.

Just sharing a few looks from a collection that is a huge point of inspiration for me! :)


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Photo of belle

your mother is the coolest person in the world, i must say. that jacket looks stunner and i'm glad we share a love for CDG. I wish i could afford a piece from the collection; I'm so glad CDG's collaborating with H&M!

Photo of Sabrina

This is one of my favorite collections too. I love the airy fabrics bursting through the bound jackets. I hope the H&M collections will be more to the tune of this, rather than hearts... or plaid... I guess we'll never know. Rei is quite unpredictable.

Photo of leslie

you are really the only person i imagine can integrate that skirt so seamlessly into everyday life.

oh, and i added you to my blogroll awhile ago, but im not sure if i ever told you so... i am now. ha, ha.

Photo of kowie

I loved the outfit, the combination between the geeky glasses and the skirt is so cool!

Photo of Stephanie

Gah I love that collection too! (well everything CDG really)I really like your interpretation, it makes me realize I need a white tulle skirt..

Photo of ediot

love your skirt!and the post as a whole!

Photo of Jenny

Wow, I love your outfit. I love how you did your own take on the CDG look. I think it looks absolutely wonderful. Can't wait for the details shots of the jacket.

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