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April 30, 2008


A reader recently asked me who my fashion icons were...

From the top left;

Little Edie and Big Edie Bouvier-if you've seen Grey Gardens (a documentary that follows these two women's lives on their delapidated estate in East Hampton) you'll immediately understand why they've had an impact on my sense of style-little Edie wears sweaters as as skirts and scarves, and often wears a short one piece to perform her 'terrific dances'. I remember her wearing a completely sheer one piece and a neckpiece made of black flowers too...her commentary on her outfit choices is hilarious too. "This is the best costume for today" has become my fashion mantra. It scares me a little to watch it though...the utterly absurd dialogue between the two Edies resembles the kind of absurd surrealism in my own everyday conversation with my mom....yes, I think we are destined to be the next Edies.

Anjelica Huston-who never ever fails to look incredible. Her outfit choices are always timeless-I remember seeing a picture of her doing a sort of western look, with a white shirt, blue jeans and boots. Rather than accessorizing with the predictable silver and turqoise jewelry she chose gold and it looked incredible. Also, watch the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou to check out her cool bohemian (hate to use that word but it fits the look) outfits and blue, green, and purple streaked hair. Anjelica looks amazing!

Tina Chow-Regular Sea of Shoes readers will know that I am obsessed by this woman's sense of style. The first picture I ever saw of her really took me aback...she had her hair in a sloppy short cut, and had thick thick eyebrows and red lipstick...she was wearing a fuzzy grandpa cardigan and jaw-droppingly gorgeous lucite necklace (of her own design, of course...I know Chauss of ckparis shares my enthusiasm for her amazing jewelry designs and is lucky enough to own a piece herself!) I would consider Tina my #1 icon.

Rick Owens-I love Rick Owens for his extremely narrow aesthetic that he projects into every aspect of his life-his work, his home, and his personal style. I admire that someone could adhere to such a rigid appreciation of beauty, it's something I could never do. I think it takes an extremely strong personality! He has totally immersed himself in his own world of visual perfection...that is my dream too. Not to mention, he looks pretty cool in high heels.

Loulou de la Falaise-it is no wonder that she played muse to Yves Saint Laurent throughout the seventies-her style may be eclectic but it's also elegant. I like to look at her style nowadays though more than I do pictures of her in the sixties-it's whimsical without being ridiculous, somethinlg very few can do. There is a feature of her home in a style magazine I have somewhere, and Loulou has the funkiest outfit on-with little green satin shoes and ribbons and she's dripping with (tasteful) jewelry. She owns a boutique (Maison de Loulou) that I would love to pay a visit to some day!

Jane Birkin (and Serge Gainsbourg)-a little cliched, I know, but no one can mix trash and class like Jane Birkin. I have an obsession for vintage blue jeans and Jane Birkin is my blue jean icon-she had so many beautiful pairs. I love her outfit with Serge in the see-through dress-the socialite princess who ran away with the bad boy...of course her sense of style never fades-the outfit in the lower right corner is a huge inspiration to me...a great mix of textures and colors and totally age-appropriate. Serge had excellent style too...I'm a fan of his music as well. :P

Charlie's Angels-I obsessively watch old episodes of the orignal Charlie's Angels to check out the incredible wardrobes-as provided by the talented stylist and designer Nolan Miller (also responsible for the fantastically cheesy outfits on Dynasty!!) They look so carefree and glamorous but always dressed-down. Classic American girl's next door...I love how during the day time when they do spy work they'll wear hoodies and super high waisted bell-bottoms, but when they go undercover at night they'll have a bombshell dress on (polyester, of course) or a nude, flowing JUMPSUIT...this is the stuff I aspire to!! 

..........................didn't mean to write so much. Will shut up now. That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about my style icons but there are many many more and I obsessively collect images of people that I find inspiring! I plan to do this feature but hopefully next time without gushing like a geek :X

April 27, 2008

Experimenting with swing skirts....

The three skirts featured in this post were all bought in one weekend when I was vintage shopping in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (some of the best vintage shopping in the US, by the way) I don't know if I what posessed me to buy three skirts that all look like they could have belonged to June Cleaver. Maybe it was because femenine looks have always suited me best...much to my frustration I've never been able to fully pull off a boyish, androgynous look. I think it's my swedish heritage, which has given me a baby face and hips a touch too generous to look good in pin-thin trousers!  But I digress...
I think I like this length and volume of skirt at this moment because it's not in line with the mega-trend of thigh grazing, skin tight pencil skirts....sorry to quote CSS but I'm 'tired of being sexy'! A waist-cinching vintage skirt that hits about mid-calf seems fresh to me in a sea of legs, legs, legs. I think you just have to update the look to make it work....I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Kicky shoes are definitely must...otherwise you risk the iffy 'vintage' girl look....you guys know what I'm talking about right?
Beyond the sky-high Givenchy's I didn't try to make this look edgy-the peachy satin skirt is hard to accessorize and I think I was best off doing the entire 'Barbie Dream Date' look. A cotton camisole and beaded 50's cardigan in soft creamy colors compliment the salmon-pink of the skirt. The least experimental of the three looks I tried with these skirts.
This brocade detail and candy pink of this skirt is so delicious!! The fabric is very stiff and thick so I chose a billowy sheer off-the shoulder blouse...I raided my mom's box of dead stock from her old clothing line for it! I chose darker shoes to anchor all the soft colors, and the black patent belt to pick up the black spots of my leopard ponyhair Miu Miu's.
For my third act, I pair an ubertough Junya Watanabe jacket with a painterly swing skirt. (as well as a vintage belt and Marni criss cross heels)  Something about the peaks of the shoulders of this jacket and the delicate brush strokes and warm colors of the skirt evoked the image of Japan in fall!
I had fun experimenting with these looks....these skirts are actually perfect for the 'in-between' weather we're experiencing here in Texas!
I had a lot of other posts planned for this weekend but my camera has tragically broken due to a freak tripod accident...so instead of posting what I've been working on last night I was weeping over my new camera. Hopefully it'll be out of the shop in two weeks, until then it's back to my crappy Kodak-until then I apologize for the crappy image quality on this blog. More to come later-:) Life is complicated right now-I've got finals coming up and homework is pouring in-I'll try to keep up though!
ttyl, jane

April 24, 2008

there will never be another tina chow.

(from tFS)

What I wear (tomorrow!)

Tomorrow is free dress day at my school (geeeek), and instead of my stuffy uniform I can wear whatever I want. I think I'll wear my Nudie jeans, Giuseppe Zannoti t-bar platforms, and a mexican style blouse. Someone asked about the top I was wearing with the Margiela boots: they're from a boutique in Dallas called Emeralds to Coconuts...it's excellent for stocking up on hippy blouses for summer. As for the Margiela's I will post them this weekend....because...tonight I didn't want to paint my toes for the picture.

April 23, 2008

Hello again!!

So it's Wednesday and the students from Bilbao aren't here anymore and though it was a lot of fun I am very very tired but happy to get back to blogging. I guess I have some catching up to do...I didn't take a 'what are you wearing today' picture everyday but here's a couple of snaps if anyone cares, haha...

These pictures are from last...Wednesday? On a school trip to the Nasher sculpture museum. Those are my best friends ever Viky and Stefanie. hey you guys!! the trip was fun. I wore Hysteric Glamour jeans (got them at American Rag over spring break in LA!!), vintage tee, Junya Watanabe jacket, and vintage Frye campus boots.

To a party: Catherine Malandrino dress, Mason jacket (with adorable tails in the back), and Miu Miu canvas wedges

Tonight to dinner: Wayfarer glasses, vintage silk Comme Des Garcons shirt, necklace given to me by one of the exchange students, Chloe slingbacks

Also tonight I tried this dress on....I had bought it at Wasteland in San Francisco but it was ripped from the armpit to the waist, but it was too cute to leave behind...my grandma is an expert seamstress though and repaired it for me this weekend. (thanks grandma!) I tried it on with Miu Miu heels and a vintage western belt.





post to come about these beautiful shoes very soon.

till then, its good to be back,

April 19, 2008

My apologies-

WOW it's been a while hasn't it...well, sorry for leaving Sea of Shoes completely neglected for a week.

Since I got back from Mexico on Monday morning, I haven't had any free time to myself at all...just these few blissful hours this Saturday morning. I am hosting two exchange students from Bilbao and when we're not being dragged all over Dallas with them, I'm hanging out with my friends and their exchange students non-stop. I am sooo exhausted but eager to start blogging again...which was put on hold this week due to some sort of billing problem which temporarily terminated my blogging service...SORRY to bore you with my excuses and details of my life!! will stop now.

Expect my blogging to pick up again around the middle of next week, as that is when the host students leave and I can have my life back!! (not that it hasn't been fun, the kids are really cool and fun to hang out with) I have many many cool things to share :)

(Also, thank you so much to La Mode Vogue for the shoutout! :) so sweet)

ttys, jane

April 11, 2008


This weekend I'm going to be in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico...a small picturesque yet annoyingly touristy town that has an excellent art school....I've spent a lot of my summers here and can't wait to catch up with old friends and relax...I'll try to blog while I'm there! :)
A while ago I found some scans of an old spread with Naomi in San Miguel, I love these pictures so much!

I get back Monday, it's a very short trip...the same day I get back two students I am hosting from Spain arrive, and next week I'll be busy hanging out with them and doing all the activities that are planned for the exchange program...phew. Will try to blog as much as possible!

updates to come soon, thanks for reading as always! :)

Weekly inspiration board (#4)

(images from ilikemystyle.net (aabronson), the sartorialist, flickr, the fashion spot, fecal face, flickr, superfuture....can't remember specifics)


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