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March 11, 2008

Imitation-the sincerest form of flattery?

The second these Versace's hit the runway, I think everyone could pin the inspiration. Marni's sensational buckle platform circa fall 07 was one of the sellout shoes of the season (even here in Dallas!). Mom has the version in black leather and mine is in olive satin (yes, we do often end up getting the same shoes...we don't mind 'sharing') While it's easy to see why anyone would be inspired by Consuela's amazing shoes, I can't help but feel a little bit gypped. Oh well, at least I still have the original!

*a helpful reader has informed that these are not Louboutin for Versace, the soles are just painted to imitate a Loub...now that's just sleazy!

March 09, 2008

staple pieces this winter

Despite the snow flurry we had this Thursday, winter is quickly melting away and today we had some excellent weather...as Mom and I were thinking about preserving our fall wardrobe, we reflected on the dependable pieces we valued this season. The ones you pull out over and over again and always look good.

We decided to settle on three pieces each, lest this post be three pages long...these were mine (Jane's!) key pieces.

The faux fur coat is by Wayne, purchased at Co-Op for my birthday. Mom had picked it out for me as a surprise, thought I wouldn't like it, returned it, and then went back and re-purchased it when I mentioned that I was crazy about this new line by a girl named Wayne-and wouldn't it be a cute name for a girl?  Despite the fact that Wayne spent many hours travelling back and forth between our home and Barney's Co-Op, I am happy that it resides in my own closet. It's since become such an integral part of my wardrobe that we now call it by it's name ("Mom, have you seen Wayne?" "She's in the downstairs closet!")

I got these Chloe's last winter when I was in Los Angeles...they're super easy to walk in and go with everything: jeans, dresses, skirts, I've tried them all with these Chloes.

The Yigal Azrouel zip-up vest dress was bought at Fourty Five Ten in Dallas...wear it with jeans, bare legs, or as many layers as you can. It's a blank canvas piece.

Mom's turn: here are Judy's top three picks, worn all at once.

A black wool sweater by Tulsa-based designer Terasa Fadem, Morrocan scarf, Miu Miu boots. Here's Mom to tell you about her key pieces...

This is an amazing sweater I purchased in Tulsa Oklahoma at Boulevards, a treasure of a boutique that Jane and I make a point of visiting whenever we can. I like it's asymetric japanese feel. I've practically worn it out. The scarf was purchased for seven dollars at the souk in Marrakesh last spring.  Jane and I bought home several of these scarves and are wishing now that we hadn't given so many away to friends.  We may need a second trip to Morroco just to replinish our scarf stash.

These Miu Miu boots are my pride and joy.....I can't imagine what I wore before I bought them, or what I will wear when summer comes.  I just wish I had purchased the beautiful tan pair as well.  I can't wait to see what boots Miuccia offers for next fall.

It's sad to pack away these treasured posessions but until we meet again next winter, we're busy compiling our spring get-ups. It's hard to look cool when you're sweating it out in 100 degree weather.

March 07, 2008

today's inspiration board(pt2)

Wish I could tell you where I found these pictures, they're just ones I've accumulated over time! They fit my mood today.

School isn't cancelled, just delayed. Expect more blogging tonight!

March 06, 2008

sandals in the snow


I'm wearing faux-fur jacket by Wayne, Levi's slouch jeans, Yigal Azrouel zip-up vest dress, cashmere grey scarf, grey socks, and Giuseppe Zannoti t-bar sandals.

I know they may not look like it but they're totally the most practical shoes for a snow day, because they hoist you a good 4 inches above the ground. No snowy feet! Why didn't the eskimoes think of this?

Sorry if this is a bit of a lazy post, I'm just happy to enjoy the snow today. I might post again later tonight!

March 05, 2008

doesn't the phrase 'geek chic' make you gag

I found this Star Wars t-shirt that I had gotten a loooong time ago at whatever thrift store...hello, why have I not worn this??

What a treasure. God bless the nerdatron who donated it. Officially the new pivotal piece in my wardrobe! I've always loved lame shirts...I have a pretty sizeable collection, I should do a post on them all! They look great under blazers.
I played around with it and this is what I liked best...

Ralph Lauren blazer, vintage 501's, two lucite bangles, one chrome bangle, leather necklace with metal pistol I got in Tokyo, a great metal belt purchased at the Fred Segal in Santa Monica this season in the men's section?, chrome heel wedge Marni peeptoe booties

These Marni's are definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I just love that they look like little peasant shoes propped up on a hunk of metal-the juxtaposition of the old tymes meets superfuture is beyond cool.

Today I read this quote by Rick Owens about his clothes-"They embody both the calm elegance I aspire to and the damage that is caused along the way."
I think that can relate to these shoes because they're sort of telling a story about the past and how we've evolved to the future.

Plus I love how they flash when you walk!!

March 04, 2008

fashion metamorphosis

Perhaps it is my life-long obsession with bugs but when I can never help but notice the resemlance between a shiny satin Lanvin sheath and the phosphorescent shell of a dogbane beetle. The darted shifts at Balenciaga last week, shown on stick-like models with elfish booties, were no exception. In fact, many things the past two seasons have caught my eye as being reminiscent of the entomological.

The closing dress at Nina Ricci was ethereal and evoked many different emotional responses. It featured the print of a chrysalis . I love that Theyskens could take something from nature so bizarre (the shell of a cicada always makes me wonder if they're not the fetuses of alien spawn) and make it both wearable and beautiful. The model's bare shoulders  and the volumuminous sleeves remind one of the actual process of metamorphosis-the pretty butterfly (aka Tanya) coming out of it's shell.

The frothy fur at Chloe made me think of nothing other than the downy wings of a luna moth, complete with it's spots and tufts of hair. I spotted similarly wing-like patterning at Prada-don't the marbled designs of the tunic and the transparency remind you of butterflies? Very dreamy. I also loved the strange cutouts on Marios Scwab's wobble dress this season. The gathered fabric peeping out of these perforations immiediatley brought to mind-and this may sound disgusting-insect larvae...but in a totally awesome sci-fi way. And of course you can't forget the whimsical shoes and pins at Miu Miu this spring...check out the sandal with the beetle on it! A little far out for me, but I would still love one of those dragonfly pins.

I don't know, maybe I should ditch my love of fashion to persue entomology...or I could get the Miu Miu brooch and have the best of both worlds.

March 03, 2008

today's inspiration board

Just a mashed up scrap board of images, people, and things I've found inspiring over time. I'm craving a cozy sweater like the Comme Des Garcons one on the left right now, or like Ralph Lauren's classic one. I like how Tanya wore hers with a turqoise turtle, how cute is that? Sweaters sound nice right now, it's sleeting outside, a VERY RARE occurence where I live, thankfully. 
I wanted the Junya vest so bad when I saw it last fall, I tried it on and fell in love. Sadly it isn't mine. I wish! The Givenchy's next to it were love at first sight too, I can't get enough of these sexy buckled gladiator shoes...
Another thing I love? The little Prada robot man keychain!!! I've always loved keychains but I saw a sales assistant at Barneys who had a version of this guy but wore it as a brooch and it was so cute! I wish I could collect them and stick a bunch on a vest.

I had another post in mind today but due to the nasty weather outside interferring with my picture taking I will have to post-pone it.
Fingers crossed that school will be cancelled tomorrow!

March 02, 2008

These are killer!

I've never seen a pair of Barbara Bui shoes in Texas...c'mon people, these would sell like hot cakes! I know Dallas women like their slutty shoes. Myself included. I wonder where Barbara Bui is stocked?
(pictures from Barbara Bui's official site)


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