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March 21, 2008

happy birthday mom!


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That will be my favorite site!

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But if muddle and jealousy win out, nuclear proliferation, not restraint, will be the norm—to enduring regret all round.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mom!!! :)

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It was great of you to share your birthday wishes to your mum on your website. I am sure that she is very proud of your success in a website dedicated to shoes where you have regular visitors and constant new visitors. The shoes that you share with us visitors regularly are all great and personally I love reading about new styles of shoes that are out in the fashion market. The pictures show the best styles from designers.

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I would also like to wish a happy birthday to your mother. I admire the way that you showed your mother how much she means to you, and the way you customised the birthday wish to be in line with the main subject of your blog, which are shoes and fashion. It acts as a reminder to all of us to always show our relatives how much they mean to us before it is too late.

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