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March 19, 2008

'Girl of the Week'

A reader has alerted me to the fact that I am Teen Vogue 'Girl of the Week'! I was so surpised, I sent the picture and answered the questionaire about a month ago! Well, I hope I don't sound like a braggart for sharing but I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't a bit excited about it.

Click here to go to my Teen Vogue snapshot profile!

Thanks for reading! :)
All the feedback I've gotten on Sea of Shoes has been great, I'm flattered that people are checking back! Thanks you guys!


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Photo of tindi-rindi

Oh, congrats ;) thats a nice interview and interesting to read, and I see you got some nice feedback ;)

Photo of Live Fabulously

congratulations! i adore your style - it's def. my fave. very ungeneric and eclectic. everything works!

Photo of Marina

Jane! You're really nice girl with good sense of style.I like how you mix clothes. Great things-jacket by Margiela, Yamamoto vintage. And,of course, shoes! i'm a big fan of designer shoes, esp heels!!!(all russian women like designer clothes and etc.))))I very glad find your blog. I wanna show you my shoes collection!!!

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