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March 31, 2008


strappy sandals with jangles-roberto cavalli (mom's), leopard mary janes-prada (mom's)

peeptoe ponyhair miu miu's

March 30, 2008

Vintage Vests

While I was in Los Angeles and San Francisco last week I found these two lovely vintage vests. I've always had a thing for crazy old vests-I think both of these qualify! It's a look I've always loved, it's a great American classic. These definitely both have a Woodstock vibe going on that I love.

The fringed leather vest on the left was purchased at American Rag on LaBrea (always a heaven for those who like a heavy dose of Americana with their vintage). There were a couple of fringed vests like this but I chose this very one because of it's beautiful, sort of wine stained color and because it hangs beautifully too. I love that it's unbelievably long too-to see it in motion is amazing. This could look great with both trashed-out jeans or pretty delicate dresses-here I wear mine with a sheer chiffon Phillip Lim dress and Marni strappy heels-

(couldn't resist sticking in a swing shot-you really can't get the full effect without seeing it move!)

The lamb-fur suede one with flowery embroidery is soooo much fun. I got it at Wasteland in San Francsisco-which I should mention is great for designer vintage. This vest however looks like it was a souvenir that someone bought while they were abroad...in any case it's surprisingly wearable and super cute with funky wedges. I don't have a picture but as soon as I bought it I threw it on over a vintage lacey tunic and my grey Hysteric Glamour jeans (which are faded and a little bootcut)-and with Miu Miu wedges that had flowery emroidery on them. In this picture though I'm wearing it with a vintage Teal Traina dress and Chloe criss cross strap sandals.

Did I mention it was only 28 dollars? Amazing find! The suede is worn a little thin and there is some staining on the fur but other than that it's in good shape. It's a littttleee bit more wearable than the other vest because of it's length. Love them both though!

Uh oh, now I'm going to start collecting vintage hippy vests...I can tell, I love these ones so much. A little bit Balmain too, no? Christophe Decarnin had a few hippy vests on last season's runway.

^isn't that lightly marbled pink shirt so cool with the bad-ass bejeweled vest?? and the ripped embroidered pants: too cool.

Sorry if this weekend's posts have been comprised entirely of a bored girl taking pictures in her bedroom, haha. Just had to show you my favorite new accessories! :)

March 29, 2008

Remember the post from two weeks ago, about the lovely Margiela shoes? The half-covered sandal that let your toes peek out oh so sexily? To my delight I obtained these shoes three days after posting them...they were at the Barney's in San Francisco (excellent shoe selection there, the best Alaias I've seen stocked!)

Aren't they gorgeous? Unlike the version on the Margiela website and some on the runway, these have a strap that goes over the entire foot rather than just your big toe. You can't believe how soft and buttery the leather is on these. One thing has to be said-they aren't the easiest shoes to walk in! You have to get a good grip on them with your feet and the little isty bitsy heel is very teetery! I walked in them all day long yesterday though-and was bombarded with compliments on them!

The thing I love about these is that they go with so much-there's a million looks to do with them and I've been having fun experimenting. I especially like them tucked into jeans!

1st pic; Viscose blend dress by the Row, lucite bangles
2nd pic; Japanese tunic, 501 pre-shrunk jeans
3rd pic; Max Azria sweater, Levi's cut-offs, white tank
4th pic; Phillip Lim dress

These are definitely unlike any other shoe I have. I'm going to wear them like crazy this summer, they are very breathable. I kind of like them with very girly looks to, a  sheer flowy dress is nice with them! Last night I wore them with the Row dress, the coverage on the shoe anchors short dresses nicely.

That was one of my best San Francisco finds for sure! More posts to come later now that I have some free time!

March 25, 2008

today's inspiration board(pt3)

March 24, 2008

s.o.s. approved; and some other things

(stop laughing, my scanner is broken!) Clippings from catalogues and magazines that arrived while I was away. Magazine junk-out sessions are my favorite guilty pleasure.

ah, to be home again. so nice and relaxing. yeah right! Unfortunately for me (and for this blog) I have a school project of epic proportions due by the end of this week. Yikes. If the updates are sporadic this week, you'll know why.

Not that it was a horrible, grueling project or anything...I've been working on it since the beginning of the school year and it's been very fun. Even the most die-hard fashion addicts like to explore their crafty side once in a while. I've been making stuffed toys out of recycled materials! This isn't the whole collection of them, but quite a few:

I may not be the most talented crafter but this was a very enjoyable project for me...not so enjoyable is finishing the required gigantic essay and workbook to go with it. Oh well. I can't wait until the whole thing is over and done with!

Sorry if I'm a bit off topic today, but I hope this explains my semi-absence this week. Gotta get cracking if I want to finish it!

March 22, 2008

Hello from San Francisco,

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been out from morning till night since we got here! It's been well worth it, though. San Francisco is definitely one of my favorite new cities, it's very refreshing...it's different than any city I've ever been to, it's beautiful here too. The shopping is excellent as well. I really really want to show you guys the great things I've found, but it's going to be better to wait until I get home and can take a decent picture. Our hotel is impossible to photgraph in because of it's cave-like darkness. I can promise I've found some great stuff, in fact there is so much great stuff in San Francisco that my mom and I are thinking about making a trip here this summer again.

There were so many great shopping adventures to be had in San Francisco (vintage on Haight-Ashbury, raw denim from Selfedge, trolling Barney's/Neimans in Union Square) but after experiencing as much as one can in two days, I have to say that the best experience I had was in the Levi's flagship store in Union Square. For a Levi's junky like me, it was really incredible. The three-level store features vintage, men's, and women's jeans. Of course for me, all of the fun was on the lower level, which focused on vintage and jean customization.

Seeing the vintage reproductions was great, and I unfortunately fell hard for the only pair of vintage women's jeans. They were beautifully and painstakingly distressed, with patches and darning galore. They had a wide-leg fit with a corset-like button fly waist. The jeans themselves were a work of art but when I put them on, my heart totally broke-they looked so amazing on but unfortunately at $500 it was a no-go. I'll get over it eventually, but I still flinch at the thought of them hanging in someone else's closet!! So that's my cross to bear from this trip...R.I.P. all of my imagined outfits  with these beautiful jeans...

Well, moving on, the jean customization bar was a kid-in-a-candy-shop type experience. You can bring in any Levi's brand product and have it emroidered, ripped, torn, patched, silk-screened, blasted-there are very few limitations. My mom, my sister and I all took full advantage of the jean customization bar, and are expecting our newly embellished Levi's to arrive at our doorstep in Texas within three weeks. Until then I'll spare you descriptions of our newly-reincarnated 501's. Pictures to come soon!

Okay, I better get to bed (early flight tomorrow), but I'll share my San Francisco finds throughout next week.

It's been fun here in San Francisco ;)

March 21, 2008

happy birthday mom!

March 19, 2008

'Girl of the Week'

A reader has alerted me to the fact that I am Teen Vogue 'Girl of the Week'! I was so surpised, I sent the picture and answered the questionaire about a month ago! Well, I hope I don't sound like a braggart for sharing but I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't a bit excited about it.

Click here to go to my Teen Vogue snapshot profile!

Thanks for reading! :)
All the feedback I've gotten on Sea of Shoes has been great, I'm flattered that people are checking back! Thanks you guys!


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