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February 26, 2008

Jane does Groupie Chic

I have to share my new acquisition: an incredible Kansai Yamamoto sweater probably from the 80's. I couldn't resist it's Gothic/Sgt. Pepper look. What an amazing eBay find. I've just recently started collecting Kansai Yamamoto, realizing his complete genius for kitsch biker cool. POST TO COME ON THE GENIUS THAT IS KANSAI YAMAMOTO.

I knew this sweater would be the perfect match for the trashed Hysteric Glamour jeans I had picked up in Tokyo two years ago on spring break. I loved the jeans, but hated the way they bunched up awkwardly around my ankles. Taking a nod to the Olsens, I took a seam ripper a couple of inches up the inside him. Voila, bunch be gone.

Now they were ready to be paired with my highly prized Balenciaga ankle boots. How the hell did I find these notoriously sought after booties? It was a near miracle, I assure you. One day in November, prowling the aisles of Neiman's Last Call, I saw these beauties almost hidden among the dissaray of dorky Stuart Weitzman's and Michael Kors has-beens. These boots had been reduced due to a missing harness (do you know what i'm talking about? anyway, i don't wear them the one I do have with them anyway)...well anyway...lucky find, huh?

signing off, jane


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Photo of Lesyp

:O How absolutely lucky for you to get those gorgeous boots at a reduced price! :D

Photo of william

Those are my absolute favorite shoes of all time, PERIOD. They made me fall in love with Pierre Hardy. I sometimes fantasize about going to LA and hunting Nicole Richie down in order to steal her's.. Mary Kate Olsen has a black AND a brown pair, but she wears them so well :)

I think wearing the harness on just one boot would be cute in a quirky, asymmetrical kind of way.

Photo of rz

that's such am amazing find! :D

Photo of william

I keep coming back to look at these! I *will* find a pair of these for myself someday. I've been searching the web and found out that Leigh Lezark has these with the taller platform - I don't know why it surprised me.

Photo of Laurence

woha thats one of the coolest :)

Photo of Christina

wow. I NEED that cardigan!! what combination of words for ebay searches would you suggest for something similar?

Photo of Packers jerseys

I forgot to mention another variable is when to wear them... Clearly this look feels better on the weekend near the water.

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