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February 29, 2008

princess mononoke; pret a porter style

These past couple of weeks I haven't been able to get this image out of my head...it started  in New York with the apparently blood soaked, slasher inspired dresses at Rodarte and the surreal, almost tribal deer head mask. This somehow stirred some of the images of Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke, the heroine's blood soaked face and the mystical creatures in her forest.

The latex Balenciaga and the ruffian looks at Isabel Marant and Ann Deemeulemeester would most definitely get Princess Mononoke's nod of approval. The glint of the airtex fan clutch by Karman Sarwar almost mimicks that of the dagger she wields at poachers.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should! It's been a while but the past few (fashion) weeks have made me want to see it again!

will blog more soon!

February 28, 2008

Dries, please!

Pictured above is an aerial view of our collection of Dries Van Noten footwear. Because you can't have just one. Dries has a look that can't be beat!

An in depth analysis...

The sillouhette of a Dries is unmistakable. You can spot it a mile away. The very sexy, very chunky heel looks great in any outfit, jeans, dress, or flirty skirt. We went nuts with Dries last year and we're anxiousley awaiting spring shipments. The floral print heels are irresistable! Yesterday's shoe featured some great rainbow strapped sandals, which is extremely cool and unexpected for winter.

We've found that our Dries have lasted and lasted thanks to the protective treading on the back, which looks tough but nothing too Timberland-ish.

The sillouhette is at once Lolita-ish but tough. A girl who wears Dries means business.

Here is a picture of mom and I wearing our Dries Van Notens...Toulouse made an impromptu cameo in the photo while the timer was going off, mom and I are having a difficult time keeping a straight face!

Mom wears vintage 501's, vintage YSL jacket, morrocan scarf, maroon Dries pumps.
Jane wears a Junya Watanabe cardigan, vintage shirt, (unknown) scarf, black wax finish Levi's, Dries Van Noten lace up booties.

We're in the midst of Paris fashion and have yet to see what all there is to offer, but the new season looks promising already. Here are some our picks!

Red metallic peeptoe pumps with a wooden heel-MARNI
Black glossy pumps with elastic and misshapen heel-PRADA
Black boot with irregular heel-JIL SANDER
Black Loubs with ponyhair addendum-LOUBOUTIN FOR TODD LYNN
Brown patent peeptoe pumps with elastic straps-BURBERRY
Satin gladiator heel-CHRISTOPHER KANE
Pointy toe metallic and white heels-BALENCIAGA

More to come on the shoes that have caught our eye as of late...especially when more pictures become available!

February 26, 2008

Kansai Yamamoto

"Will you just look at those incredibly insane clothes-I just don't believe it." The chick flashed a smile and said: "Yeah, he carries most of his street clothes when's he's touring and most of his stage costumes-like his spacemen's suits. He's going to be on the road about two months, you see. Didn't you see that Time Mag picture of David with that beautiful black suit of his? Well, he brought that one too. All his suits are custom-made by this fabulous Japanese designer, Kansai, " -David Bowie in Hollywood, by Annie Tipton (June 1974)

Mom was familiar with Kansai Yamoto from the time she spent living in Tokyo-there were Kansai Yamamoto boutiques scattered across the city. "While his particular vision didn't appeal to me at the time, I remembered him as something of a genius. I kind of had a lightbulb moment and decided it's time for Kansai". Her words, not mine. You heard it hear first guys...it's time for Kansai.

Kansai was the man behind David Bowie's look circa Ziggy Stardust. In several of the photos above you can see him working with David. Seems he was quite the party animal.

We did a quick internet search and realized how this visionary had influenced fashion over time and much of what we are seeing today. His designs are quirky and all-together his own. They often veer on the side of outrageouness. We love someone who doesn't take themselves too seriousely but at the same time can make the bizarre seem wearable. Kansai epitomized the 80's with his use of harsh acid colors and bubble knit dresses. He makes us cringe and crave at the same time. We gotta have it! It's like you become a Bower bird when you see a glitzy Kansai concoction. You either heave or you whip out your American Express.

In particular we were attracted to his use of shimery yarns and knits and punchy sweaters. If you stalk him on eBay, you might be lucky enough to snag a great sweater. Kansai's cash cow was his knitwear.

Jane does Groupie Chic

I have to share my new acquisition: an incredible Kansai Yamamoto sweater probably from the 80's. I couldn't resist it's Gothic/Sgt. Pepper look. What an amazing eBay find. I've just recently started collecting Kansai Yamamoto, realizing his complete genius for kitsch biker cool. POST TO COME ON THE GENIUS THAT IS KANSAI YAMAMOTO.

I knew this sweater would be the perfect match for the trashed Hysteric Glamour jeans I had picked up in Tokyo two years ago on spring break. I loved the jeans, but hated the way they bunched up awkwardly around my ankles. Taking a nod to the Olsens, I took a seam ripper a couple of inches up the inside him. Voila, bunch be gone.

Now they were ready to be paired with my highly prized Balenciaga ankle boots. How the hell did I find these notoriously sought after booties? It was a near miracle, I assure you. One day in November, prowling the aisles of Neiman's Last Call, I saw these beauties almost hidden among the dissaray of dorky Stuart Weitzman's and Michael Kors has-beens. These boots had been reduced due to a missing harness (do you know what i'm talking about? anyway, i don't wear them the one I do have with them anyway)...well anyway...lucky find, huh?

signing off, jane

hot tramp, i love you so

Hi readers, whomever you may be. I didn't realize that I had many of you until I noticed the inquiries and comments you lovely people made about this blog! I've really been meaning to start again, it's great to have a place to openly dissect the things you love about fashion. And of course, our passion for shoes increases exponentially by the season. We've had great luck in finding the pairs we've been eyeing this season thus far!

Has anyone else noticed a revival of the trashy rock and roll girl? She doesn't comb her hair, she likes her denim sun-beaten and shredded, and she doesn't care if you think Cavalli is tacky.

Undoubtedly the strongest embodiment of this lady is the one created by Chrisophe Decarnin at Balmain in recent seasons. She is consistently elegant but there is a healthy dose of trashiness to her style. Tie dye flares with lace up flies? The almost tongue-in-cheek buckskin navajo sheath? We love it.

This season Christopher Kane took the ethereal rock heroin look to a new level. His snakeskin chiffon shirts and steel toe boots can't help but evoke the image of Stevie Nicks herself belting out 'Edge of Seventeen'. The denim bustier is sublimely trailer-trash chic, a look that I am always a fan of.

Accessories this season compliment this look extremely well. Take for instance Stella McArtney's incredible carved wooden clogs. Not only are these some of our must have shoes of the seasonn (it's on pre-order right now), we love that Stella could take a traditionally dorky and Jessica Simpson-like shoe and make it a piece that you actually want in your wardrobe. How easy it would be to channel your inner Pattie Boyd if you just slipped these puppies on and threw on a breezy chiffon dress and braided your hair with feathers? Is that taking the look too far? I hope not!

We must also give a nod to the killer shoes at Etro this season. Veronica Etro's chunky suede wedges and strappy stacked heel sandals revisit the 70's in a gloriously hedonistic way. These are ball-busting, heart breaking, rock chick shoes. No idea on how to get our hands on a pair. Etro is a foreign language in Texas. During a pit stop in L.A. this spring break we hope to visit the Etro store and gaze upon these beauties in person.

In terms of shredded denim, no one topped our hero Margiela. The threadbare overdyed jeans were topped with architectural shoulders and mystical Lady Hawke esque shirts. They remind us of the hilariously tragic 'Santa Fe' touristy shirts you always find in thrift stores. And we mean that in the best possible way.

Overall this has been our favorite ongoing trend of spring. Let's hope to see it hit it's stride this fall...hint hint see Rick Owens fall 09. mind-blowing! In the meantime, we are figuring out the perfect method to slice and dice our denim. Any tips?

love always, jane and judy


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