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April 18, 2007

Sorry for the temporary hold up!

Sorry we've gotten so backtracked. The crazy weather here has left us with power outages some nights, and on top of that I (Jane) have had some seriousely crazy homework. Oh and the dogs chewed our digital camera cord!! Too bad, we have some cool things to show you guys.
Expect new stuff soon! Don't stop checking back!

xx jane and judy

April 12, 2007

Our own lucite collection...

Mom was excited to score these Giuseppe's, of course.

The gold and lucite bangles were a Christmas gift. (lucky mom!) Unfortunately, we've forgotten the designer's name. Does anyone recognize these?

The cool lucite and sterling necklace was made 20 years ago by a kooky local artist who loved to fashion jewelry from hunks of corian she would chip out of her counter-tops, while her astonished husband looked on. We haven't kept up with her and don't know what she's doing these days. Perhaps she's moved on to her bathroom?

The lucite bangle under the black bangle was purchased on ebay 10 years ago, when most people didn't know what ebay was!  Very now, huh?

On another note, we've really appreciated the feedback we've recieved on our blog so far! :-)

Trend Watch!

One look we've been crazy about for spring and summer has been the use of lucite in accessories. We love the luxurious look of CLEAR.

The Martin Margiela 'invisible shoes' really do look invisible in person. A big chunky lucite heel is a great juxtaposition to a fun-colored pump. The Anna Molinari's pictured are too cute!!

We love to pile on lucite bangles and mix them with other bold-statement jewelry. There is nothing dainty about these, they're strong pieces that make a strong statement. Very modern.

Of course, we can't mention lucite without mention mom's and mine fashion icon, Tina Chow. Her own jewelry was exquisite and timeless, and her personal style was incredible.

We've never been too hot on Oscar de la Renta, but his lucite necklaces and bangles this season blew us away. Also, an affordable option if you're looking to invest in lucite is the afore-mentioned R. J. Graziano bangles at $55 dollars each. Call (212) 685 1248.

Don't forget to scour your local flea market for great lucite finds! As this trend comes around every few decades, it's worth it to invest, and don't forget to store it! I'm always reminding mom to store each and every fashion trend, it will always re-emerge and can be passed on to future generations of fashionistas. (me, me, me!!)

photo credits:, vogue, elle accessories,,,

April 11, 2007

We got our wish today!

Remember the Marni's we posted yesterday? Well, Jane and I dreamed about them all night. We knew it was fate. We had to have them. As soon as mom had made her way through the drop-off line at school she sped off to Barney's.

Our long-time sales associate Staci was there with Marni's on hand. We decided the natural color for Jane, the green for mom. Don't we look fabulous? We love the way the lucite catches the light!

Today Judy is wearing...

April 10, 2007

This is part of the independent project we've been working on...
It's a jacket that combines three things we love; recycling, vintage t-shirts, and of course, fashion!
Cropped bolero made of pieced t-shirts.

A look we love...

This is an old editorial from one of our Austrailian Vogues...we love the vintage chanel with the light blue striped shirt. An adorable look. Carmen looks like she's about to snap in half, though.

Wishlist, among other things...

credits: austrailian vogue,, barney's catalogue,, and the sartorialist.


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