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I feel like I'm checking your site all the time, to see if you've updated. I really love your take on introducing these intricate photos

Hi Jane this is actually related to your other blog but for some reason my email server wouldn't open the link? Was just wondering if you could do a hair/makeup post sometime soon - I find your hair and makeup just as inspiring as your whole outfits! Thanks :)

wow, i was just looking to post the same comment as Elly Lipke.. i love your hair in your latest S.O.S. post, and would looove to learn how to pull that sort of updo off.

I love the atmosphere to this photo. Its everything about a relaxed summer night in Japan to me. But I keep getting distracted by what I think is a tampon string in there...can't decide if I like that or not. Definite pros and cons.

Lovely Jane Shoes, I must agree your hair is gorgeous...you would look amazing with a braided crown...french braid...dutch braid...in love with the hairstyles from the middle ages when people really adorned their hair with curls and braids. This is only a plead...otherwise please warf it into your trash can. xoxo

your site has so many STRIKING images. what a collection! I especially like those of vintage Japan.

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LOVE the photo

posted a comment on sister's site in defense of sea...whoa there's a lotta hate coming from that woman but i don't get why. maybe she wishes she was still young and just like sea, but of course she's not. a lotta bad karma there.

You have lost you're edge. The combinations are not as provocative as before.


I really like your blog, it's so trippy and amazing. I could get lost in it.

your blog is so inspiring!

manchester escorts love your blog - we are now dedicated followers!

love your blog

Cool blog

Hermoso idioma y el regusto intenso artículo de texto el tema, de la maravillosa por escrito, me hizo sentir muy conmovedor, espero, los autores fueron capaces de jugar a su experiencia, a escribir algunos artículos excelentes

do you know yeee on the right side where say's Add Page and little down there is 5 or more sreuqas clik any of thos sreuqas an you will go to another page and then you can edit that page how ever you want!!!!Hope it helped a bite!!! ))

Het is heel interessant onderwerp waar je hier hebt geschreven .. De waarheid die ik niet ben in verband met dit, maar ik denk dat is een goede gelegenheid om meer te leren over, en ook praten over een ander onderwerp waar ik gebruikt om te praten met anderen

I totally feel like doing that right now!

Tameka Tallie Posted on Go ahead cousin! Do your thang! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work. I've been hintitg the gym lately 5 days a week, 3 days I do an hour cardio and burn anywhere from 870-1000 calories. The other 2 days I do 30 minutes. Now its time that I go back to strength training. It really makes a BIG difference. Cardio and strength training (along with healthy eating habits..which is VITAL)go hand-in-hand. I enjoy all of your posts!

Lance Meadows Posted on Lookin good Leslie (the website AND you ). Can't wait to see all the good info you put on here. And when you're not blggoing, let's go for a jog sometime

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