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i like this. you're good at compiling. i'm curious as to what degree of planning goes on in them, or if you're just a natural born

just like

manchester escorts are completely intrigued - what's your thought pattern?!

I have been using the extension since day 1 and while genllarey it has worked well , I find one major issue. That of being able to have certs outside of the xml file. We need to be Fibs complaint , which means the XML or even same machine will not fly. I have replaced the ServiceTokenResolver (through the service configuration and that works. The issue is with IDP initiated logout or SP initiated login. In both cases the module tries to get the cert ( which there is none from the config) and fails. While I have been able to take care of that from the sp initiated login, created my own method . I cannot do that in the IDP Initiated logout. In that case the logout request is handled properly and a logout response is trying to be sent, however there is no cert associated and there is no way to hook into this. The issue arises from the message decoder (which is unfortunately a privet member with no accessory ,_messageDecorator in saml2authentication module ) the value for this decoder is only created once , in the constructor, where the cert is read from the config file. Thus if nothing in the config it does not work, no matter what you do with the servicetokenresolver,. Any way of getting this fixed.Thank you

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