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I love everything about the second pic: the makeup; the lipstick print of the dress; its neckline, pleats, and shoulders; that amazing dotted netting; the arrangement.

And now for shameless self promotion, I think you'd appreciate this post:


loving the curly hair and eyebrows... SO Brooke Shields

the dirty old man in me now has the urge to see Pretty Baby

manchester escorts think this woman is just stunning!

Oh my gosh, I just got my first button to show up on my blog - tnkahs for your instructions!!!Now can you please :) tell me how to get my pictures to load on the linky parties that say "less than so-and-so # megapixels" - and mine are always too many, so I can't link my item to their party? I feel dumb but there's gotta be a way - tnkahs!

thanks for share!

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