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Just stumbled upon your blog and am amazed at some of the photographs.Very unique and entertaining to the eye! I do have a question that doesn't really have to do with anything and I hope that you do not take offense. You are rich and I am poor and that is the way of the world but I have always wondered if the wealthy are as fascinated with us as we are with them? Love the clothes on your other blog by the way...best

I love your second blog. I feel that I'm discovering your real personality. I adore shitty quality of photos, and movie frames you post. I love the colors, which seem to corespondent in every post.
Thank you.
I think it's akind of Art.

sorry for my poor English.
Poland is readig you. :)

You're too young to be posting this shit. Have you even had sex yet? Looking through this blog all I see is softcore porn, which in itself isn't offensive if the person has some inkling of understanding of sex/fetishes etc, but you aren't even legal so I find it hard to believe you are posting these images because of a genuine admiration for the human (female mostly) body or even art.
Stick to shoes and leave the sex to the grown ups. Keep some of your innocence, you'll be thankful later.

I have to agree with Leila. Sorry.
Do not get me wrong, these are interesting pictures and some are great - but I find it a bit hard to believe that you really and fully enjoy them. I mean, you are still in your teens, but these are photos that a woman in her late 20s or 30 would enjoy. Ahum. It only shows, that you lost your "innocence" (I mean this in a broader sense) very early. And not in a good way.
Anyway - is your understanding of art limited to soft porn? Seriously?

I agree with both Chris and Leila... I'm sorry, but I can't defend this blog anymore. I blushed when my family over my shoulder saw this first image. I can't come here anymore, NSFW.

Pft. All of you need to loosen up. Seriously, these pictures are about having fun + exploring.
Perhaps you are jealous : o

Jealous of WHAT exactly? What you said made absolutely no sense. Some of the pictures on here are interesting but art doesn't have to be shocking or verging on porn to be interesting and memorable. Repeatedly posting pictures such as this just seems immature, like a little kid pretending she's a grown up by being interested in what she thinks is "grown up stuff".

i really hope you're not a terry richardson supporter, that's all i can say!

I'm not sure why you are wasting your time on this dee. oh wait...what am i doing here : o oh oh! ooooOoo art revokes emotions so get with the program : o Some things that you see as porn are art to others, fyi : o

Uh, yes.. I realize that, hence the "some of the pictures on here are interesting". It's the fact that she doesn't post anything else, she needs to open her eyes a bit. You don't have to repeatedly make statements, that's the point. fyi : o

I love your blog. keep being so creative!



Look, I have a problem with some of the photos posted on this blog from a feminist standpoint. But I have a bigger problem with the above suggestion that a girl in her late teens (18? I don't remember, sorry) can't appreciate sex, sexual images or nudity, or worse, that she SHOULDN'T appreciate these things. The idea that a young woman should keep her nose out of sexual stuff to preserve her "innocence" really sickens me.

Art doesn't have to be shocking or verging on porn, but certain art is and does. I like a lot of that art and obviously many other people like a lot of that art. Sex is relevant to a lot of people. I don't think this blog has ever been safe for work. As I said, as a feminist I often have a pretty big problem with the portrayal of women on here, but I am still a fan of fashion, nudity and porn and to imply that an 18-year-old shouldn't be is backwards and reeks of oppressive conservatism.

@ Luna
please do not get me wrong - of course a 18 year old has her own sexuality - that is fine. But I also know that a 16 or 18 year old has a different sexuality than a 35 year old. This was the point I was trying to make.
Some porn indeed can be art, most of the time it is not. It works the other way around, too. Some art is porn, most of the time it is not.
Does Ms Aldridge want to maintain an art side? Then she should expand her view on art a bit. Does she want to maintain a soft porn side? That is fine too, she has to live with that. I think she needs to spend some thoughts on that.
Btw, some of the pics here on this site are great and intriguing, some are not. With some I have some problem from a feminist point of view, just like you.

These comments just made me realize how much I love my country. Random people that want to know if you are a virgin or not and accuse you of being abused simply because you post some softporn - doens't sound like something that could happen in the Netherlands to me!
I'm glad to live in a country where people are more mind-opened...

oh, and i love your blog. It really inspires me.

xxx Marion (17), the Netherlands.

@Marion - I second that (I'm from Denmark)

@those who feel offended:
Do you even know why Jane started this blog and what the point is?

I really don't like seeing people's butt holes.

Good tune.

Damn people, nudity doesn't necessarily imply porn. Can't you just admire and appreciate the human body without thinking about sex?

You all NEED to lighten up... History has been repeating itself for AGES. Nudity/sex has a light side and beautiful side too, you know! Look at primitive people to this day...many live naked and HAPPY...it wasn't until the christian faith ETC. decided "hey lets be egocentric and tell everybody that sex and nudity is shameful and will get you nothing but fire and brimstone...let's brainwash them to control them". F!@# indoctrination. PERIOD. There are millions of time periods, cultures, people...NOT TO MENTION ANIMALS...that are NAKED, HAPPY, and ENJOYING their sexuality. Religion, media, upbringing....it doesn't change the fact that you were conceived and created through sex and nudity...ALL OF LIFE IS...DUH. It a wonder and should be appreciated and valued. Stop trying to hide it from your kids and telling them its not normal, its dirty, it should be hidden... Of course protect yourself from getting diseases/pregnant when you can't manage let alone supply for a child...DUH. Jane values the body and mind..and she does it in "HER OWN WAY". Just like everybody else..."TO EACH HIS OWN".

I'm mexican and I admire you... i never post a comment on your blogs beacause there is plenty people who tells you all the things you do remarkable right.
I have quite a time taking a look at this blog and the concepts ad contents in here amuses me. Like if you were trying to say with captions what other people wouldn't understand.

Softcore porn/hentai/nudity... whatever. Don't let other people tell you what to do or not. (Of course... you knew all that)

To be honest I don't understand how this blog is either inspiring or a reason for alarm. I don't get why this blog was created. It is just a smattering of pictures, dome of which I a tad disturbing. I don't agree with most of Jane's commentary on fashion but that is a personal choice. Let her be a "perverted old man". That seems to keep her happy. However I am curious to understand why she would not publicize her interests in "art" on her primary blog.


yo, chica is just exploring her sexuality. its hecka weird you all are judging her for that. you're reading the blog of a 17 (?) year old girl that you've never, ever, ever met! you can't tell me that that's weirder than being interested in the naked female body (most socialized thing ever....) she likes to post pictures of breasts among many other things and we like to think about the pictures that she posts partly because she posts them. its all sexual, its all a little weird but that's kind of how life goes.

Its strange to think that some one would read this blog and think all of the nudity has to do with blatant sexuality or perversion. We all have a body and it is nothing to be ashamed of! The naked body has always had a place in art and appreciation. How many have traveled far and wide, to different corners of the world to get a glimpse of the nude sculptures and paintings of great art masters. The human body is at the every essence of what we are, it is what we have to take care of in order to get us soundly through this life. I see this blog as a celebration of imagery which celebrates and causes us to think, which is what good art should do. I feel the more we can appreciate our bodies in a natural state the more confident and likely we are to take care of them. Enjoy these images because they are a reflection of what you are... perfect as nature intended.

Thanks for the great comment, Marion. Agreed....

As for the content of this site, as well as Sea of Shoes, I have always appreciated both the images you choose and how you put them together. You have a great grasp of choice and editing, as well as a very strong visual sense of what you like and how it all works together. I think it's cool to see a blog where someone chooses imagery and standards for such that stand outside what has become the norm of cool, standoffish hipster irony to explore ideals and a visual glossary that takes root in several different countries and traditions. I hope (selfishly) that you continue to hone your visual sense, because I'd love to see the work you produce in the future, maybe for Vogue Italia or Vogue Nippon, hint hint....

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