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what a great freakin' picture.

wow - oh! i love the red. I love the monotone of everything around, but the pale clean shapes of the body and the red. This is an image I would love to know the story behind.

xx vanessa

This is a great photo. Weird, freaky, beautiful, scary.
It leaves you with more questions than answers.

XX Chris

This picture is strange. Just like Depeche Mode's Strangelove. Perfect!

this photo is a real work of art. there is nothing to add or remove in it, it is completely finished

Oh, so what is she doing there? Looks like she forgot something. Nice work though.

Michelle, I can see your questioning the tekrayii sauce. It seems a strange addition, but there is certainly an Asian influence in Trinidadian cuisine. Coconut milk is often found in Pelau, although much of my research indicates that coconut milk in Pelau is more Jamaican than Trinidadian. If truth be told, however, I learned to make Pelau from my mother and my mother can't stand coconut, so I imagine that is really why you don't find it in my recipe! I recently received an email from a San Fernando resident who uses coconut milk in her Pelau as well. I think one of the great things about Pelau is that it is one of those recipes, like Chili, that varies from cook to cook. It is really stewed chicken with rice and the variation possibilities are endless. Thanks for visiting the site. My next Pelau will have coconut milk in it!

I learned to make Pelau wnihctag my father who is from Nevis. He doesn't add any sugar or coconut milk. Carrots in the cooking liquid for a touch of sweetness. Bay leaf for flavor (I also add whole clove) and tumeric for added flavor and color. We also always use chicken wings instead of a whole bird.His is the best I have ever tasted. (I am not, for the record, the least bit biased.)

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