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crawl back into your mom where you belong.

I have a particular interest in the bottom photo. Where did it come from?

I find it tenacious in the number of linguistic binaries it seamlessly engages. Good versus evil as embodied by the black and white color tone in combination with the sexual tenor of the photo. The gender binary through her submissive posture and blackened "otherness". Race seems to creep in as well, white sexual fantasies are often projected onto people possessing darker skin. The figure's pitch black skin takes that trends thought to the extreme.

Pictures like this one are interesting, they force an intuitive and subconscious re-evaluation of the nastier side of unarticulated social binaries.

atta girl!

Deep like a puddle.


How so.

the black woman is beautiful, who is she? Naomi??

Lola Re

Yeah, I was wondering if it was Naomi too...

Regarding the lower image (Naomi?) ...Here is some tracking info (hope it helps)


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